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The Top Three Poly Mailer Bags for Any E-Commerce Site

The Top Three Poly Mailer Bags for Any E-Commerce Site


Are you looking to optimize your shipping supplies for your e-commerce site? With different products for different needs, hunting for the best shipping products for your business can be exhausting, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. There are three must-have poly mailer bags every e-commerce should have on hand:


  1. Exterior poly mailer bag
  2. Clear poly mailer
  3. Clear warning bags


When you find shipping supplies you love and a company that ensures customer satisfaction, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your e-commerce business supplies are going out in a poly mailer bag or other shipping product that you can trust.


In this guide, we will dive into these three must-have shipping supplies so you can decide if a warning bag, poly mailer bag, and clear poly mailer are shipping supplies fit for your business. Why are these our three must-have bags? Stay tuned to find out.


Why We Love Poly Mailer Bags

When it comes to shipping supplies for your e-commerce site, keep in mind that the exterior packaging is going to see the most possible wear and tear. Whether it’s poor handling, an overly full cargo bin, or a bumpy ride in the shipping truck, there are so many things that can threaten the state of your items before they even arrive at the customer's doorstep.


Our mailers are durable, yet flexible and light. Thanks to the thick plastic material, the interior contents are protected from wandering eyes, but you can still maintain economical shipping from the lightweight packaging.


These poly mailer bags are built to resist these common shipping issues:


  • Tears
  • Punctures
  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Dirt


When you send off a package for shipping, you’re putting all of your trust in the carrier company. So before you send any of your precious products out of your office, make sure it’s packaged for protection. Our poly mailer bags are made tough to protect your item from whatever it may encounter.


With an array of exterior colors and designs to choose from, you can pick a mailer bag that is fun and representative of your branding. If you prefer the classic white poly mailer bag, we have that too.  Learn more about how to pick a mailer here.


The Benefits of Clear Poly Mailers

Clear poly mailer bags are the ideal accompaniment to our poly mailer bags. These clear bags assist in protecting your item during shipment or even beforehand during storage. When using clear poly mailer bags as a storage solution, you can easily see the contents of the bag to organize products. From any encounters with dust, debris, and moisture, you can rest assured your item is safe from these common risks when using a clear poly mailer bag.


Made from virgin plastic material, these bags are lightweight, flexible, and stretchy. Unlike cellophane, our clear poly mailer includes a self-adhesive closure that mitigates the need for packing tape, simplifying your storage solutions and packaging process.


When your package is out of your hands, it’s out of your control. To protect against the possibilities of punctures, tears, and rips damaging your items, consider adding clear poly mailer bags to your shipping station. Adding an interior layer of protection to your package is something you won’t regret and your customers will appreciate.


The Importance of Pre-Printed Warning Bags

Customer satisfaction includes customer safety, from products to services and even shipping materials, like warning bags. Clear warning bags include a suffocation warning label that is clearly printed in three different languages on the bag. These labeled warning bags warn of the suffocation dangers associated with plastic bags, such as clear poly mailer bags, especially for children and pets.


These labels are sometimes required by online retailers, either in the form of a warning bag or warning label that can be adhered. Our clear warning bags meet Amazons FBA seller requirements but if you are working through another online retailer to sell your products, be sure to research their packaging and safety requirements. Whether it’s mandatory for your business, all e-commerce sites should consider including a warning bag or attaching a warning label to their shipping materials.


Ideal Items to Ship in a Poly Mailer Bag

No longer are the days of hunting for the perfect sized cardboard box. Today, poly mailer bags are one of the most commonly used packaging items, especially among e-commerce businesses. You may be wondering why these bags are so popular and while there are many good reasons, businesses tend to have one common denominator for choosing the poly mailer bag:  its ability to fit a variety of products.


Whether it’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, or home decor, you can use a poly mailer bags to fit each item safely and securely. Though one mailer bag can be used for a variety of different-sized items, these bags also come in a multitude of sizes, including 9 x 12 inches, 14.5 x 19 inches, and our largest size of 19 x 24 inches.


To package your products properly, regardless of size, keep reading to learn how to package for maximum protection.


Packaging for Maximum Protection

As simple as packaging products may seem, there is an art to packaging for maximum protection. We recommend consistency and maximum protection. Pre-measuring your items or having a general idea of the size products you need will be a huge help when it comes to ordering shipping supplies and packaging. Before you begin packaging your product, it’s important to find the poly mailer that is best sized for your products.


Follow these shipping tips for packaging products up for shipment:


  • Wrap product in clear poly mailer to act as a barrier between the product and the poly mailer bags
  • Use bubble wrap, air pillows, or packing peanuts for additional cushion
  • Package contents snug, but not overly tight
  • Leave little wiggle room within the poly mailer bags


Wholesale Shipping Experts

We recognize that running a business is no inexpensive feat, that’s why buying in bulk should be a no-brainer. We want to help you save by providing your essential shipping goods at an affordable price. You don’t have to skimp on quality to receive low cost shipping supplies.


From handy tips on packaging protection both inside and out to the importance of using warning bags, let the shipping experts of Shop4Mailers help you optimize your shipping products.

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