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The Benefits of Using Clear Shipping Bags for E-Commerce

The Benefits of Using Clear Shipping Bags for E-Commerce

In today's world, we order and receive products right to our doorstep without ever interacting with a salesperson. Some may think that the rise of e-commerce businesses has caused a decrease in the shopping experience, but even traditional retailers focus on sales generated through online shopping.

Though you can't always be with your customers in person, there are extra steps you can take to make sure your e-commerce business is exceeding customer expectations and offering great products. That first impression of the physical product occurs right as the customer receives their product.

As an e-commerce business owner, you should always be looking at how to improve your shipping. Improving shipping starts with the quality of packaging and optimizing supplies for more protection. Clear e-commerce poly bags can protect your products through transit and offer a plethora of usage. There are also clear shipping bags that include a pre-printed suffocation warning label sometimes required by online retailers.

Before we get into the details of when to use these clear bags, let’s first discuss the overarching advantages of clear shipping bags and why these are a key accessory for e-commerce shops.

The Advantages of Clear Shipping Bags

Clear poly bags should be a staple for every e-commerce business. A small addition, such as a secondary layer of protection in the form of a clear shipping bag, can make a big difference in maintaining a high-quality product during the unknowns of shipping.

There are so many reasons to consider adding a clear e-commerce poly bag to your business’s shipping supply stock but here are just a few:

  • Versatile
  • Protective
  • Transparent
  • Multiple sizes
  • Reusable

Understanding the advantages of clear shipping bags can help you justify the cost of an additional shipping supply. With wholesale prices, you can find high-quality shipping products that fit your business’s budget. Learn more about the benefits of shopping wholesale for your business needs.

Versatile Clear Shipping Bags

Clear e-commerce poly bags are a shipping essential. The versatility of these products allows them to have multiple uses. Not only can you use these products to ship, but you can store your inventory in clear, easy-to-use bags. Clear shipping bags can help store your product on the shelf well, protecting them from any dirt or debris. These multi-functional e-commerce poly bags are convenient as a storage solution in areas that attract dust, such as warehouses or garages.

 Water Resistance

Transparent Shipping Bags

Our clear shipping bags' transparency provides a dual purpose: to allow visibility to inner contents and lightweight packaging. Transparency can especially come in handy for storage or when pre-packaging items. Having visibility as to what your products are before reaching their final mailer bag allows for less error. The transparent material is made of lightweight virgin plastic, so your products are protected but not weighed down.

Protective E-Commerce Poly Bags

Unlike cellophane, our clear shipping bags are made from durable plastic. This material is tough enough to endure possible exposure to scratches, moisture, dust, and other debris. The added layer of an interior clear e-commerce poly bag can even keep out small amounts of water, ensuring your product arrives at your customer’s doorstep in good quality. 

Fit for Any Size

Clear poly bags are stretchy to fit a wide array of items. You can use one of these clear bags to protect items such as clothes, shoes, and decor during shipping. No matter how big or small your products are, we have clear shipping bags to fit whatever sizes your business desires.

For optimal protection, items should be packed into clear shipping bags with little wiggle room, ensuring a secure fit. A tighter packed item will also crease and wrinkle less during the sometimes bumpy rides in the back of a delivery truck. You can find clear poly bags to secure various items with sizes ranging from 6 x 9 inches to 19 x 24 inches.

Repurpose Your Clear Shipping Bags

Business owners should consider the sustainability and reusability of their products. You can repurpose many shipping supplies as organizational tools in the home or the office. Reuse boxes to organize supply and linen closets. Placing baskets keeps a small space from getting cluttered and allows every item to have its own place. If you aren't crazy about how cardboard boxes look in your closets, cover them with contact paper for a stylish, personalized touch.

Our clear poly bags are also a great option in an online clothing store setting. You can fold items, package in a poly bag, label, and organize by size and style. This way, as soon as an order comes in, efficient grab-and-go packing ensures that your customers will get their purchase as quickly as possible.

Clear Shipping Bag vs. Poly Mailer Bag

Now that you know all about clear shipping bags, you're probably wondering what the difference is between a clear shipping bag and an e-commerce poly bag. Poly Mailer bags are used as the exterior packaging for shipping.

Like clear shipping bags, these mailers also come in a variety of sizes. You can also customize the level of thickness of each poly mailer bag to make sure your item is protected, especially when it's a more fragile product. For whatever your specific shipping bag needs are, we can help you find the right mailer bag.

Poly mailer bags come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences or business branding. Whether you prefer white, color, or an e-commerce poly bag with a design, your item will be protected when you send it off for shipping.


Clear Shipping Bags with Warning Labels

It’s important to keep your customers protected even in the case of providing clear printed warning labels. We offer clear e-commerce poly bags with a pre-printed suffocation warning label. Some online retailers require the use of these labels in certain instances. For example, Amazon’s packaging and prep guidelines have specific instructions on including warning labels on poly bags.

Whether or not it’s required for your business, we urge all e-commerce businesses to consider the important use of warning labels for the end customer or anyone the bag may come into contact with, like children.

Shop4Mailers is here to help you with all of your shipping needs. From e-commerce poly bags to shipping labels, we carry high-quality shipping products. With less worry about protecting your products in their packaging during shipping, you can focus on your e-commerce business and customers.

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