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Why You Should Buy Wholesale

Why You Should Buy Wholesale

When you’re a business owner, everything comes down to your bottom dollar. Passion for what you do is the driving force behind your business, but if your business isn’t profitable, you can’t do what you’re so passionate about. That said, it’s important to keep your necessary costs as low as possible so that you can make the most profit. Purchasing items wholesale, or buying in bulk, is a great way to save big money. You can buy lots of things in bulk, including wholesale shipping supplies.


What Does It Mean to Buy Wholesale?

To buy something wholesale means to purchase directly from a manufacturer or distributor. Often, the purchaser then sells the products as a part of their business model, for example, clothing. T-shirts are purchased in bulk and then sold individually for a profit. However, people also take advantage of wholesale pricing for items they will use on the back end of their business. For example, poly mailers. Poly mailers are likely not your primary business if you work in eCommerce. However, every time you make a sale, you’re using a poly mailer to send out your order. This is a great example of an area where buying wholesale mailers can save you money.  Items are heavily discounted because they are purchased in large quantities. There are three types of wholesale businesses:


  1. Merchant Wholesaler - Purchase large quantities of products, which they then sell in smaller batches for higher prices. This is the most common wholesale business. Merchant wholesalers don’t make their own products, but they are experts on their products and retail space.
  2. Brokers - The middle-man between a wholesale manufacturer and a customer. The broker negotiates a deal between the two parties and earns a commission.
  3. Sales and Distribution - Manufacturers and wholesalers work together on a more customized deal based on individual needs.


Why is Buying Wholesale Mailers Cheaper?

Like with any other product, buying wholesale shipping supplies is cheaper, but why? By purchasing a large number of poly mailers, the distributor is making a guaranteed sale. So if a wholesale buys 10,000 poly mailers for X amount of money, they can then group the poly mailers in boxes of 1000 and mark up the price. This way, the wholesaler makes a profit on the poly mailers, and the customer still gets a discount because they bought the product in a large quantity.


What is the Difference Between Retail and Wholesale?

The main difference between retail and wholesale is who is purchasing their products. Retailers are for-profit businesses that sell directly to a customer for a profit. They sell in smaller quantities and therefore mark up their products. Think of a store like Staples. A person in need of office supplies can go into a store and buy a pack of 100 poly mailers for about $33.

On the other hand, wholesale businesses that sell wholesale mailers and other wholesale shipping supplies sell to other businesses in higher quantities and mark up their products less while still making a profit. For example, Shop4Mailers sells the same size poly mailers in packs of 1000 for about $47. It’s easy to see why purchasing wholesale mailers is the way to go. As a business that will easily use 1000 poly mailers for shipping, it’s in your best interest to pay five cents per poly mailer as opposed to thirty-three cents. That savings over time is huge.


Can Anyone Buy Wholesale Mailers?

Although people who sell wholesale mailers are typically marketing to other businesses, anyone can purchase wholesale shipping supplies. If you plan on using a large number of poly mailers, you will benefit from purchasing wholesale mailers.


How Can I Find Wholesale Mailers For Sale?

Now you understand that purchasing wholesale mailers is a great way to save, so how do you find a wholesaler? When you’re purchasing wholesale shipping supplies for your business, it’s easy enough to google a supplier and make a purchase. However, it’s worth doing some homework, so you don’t end up wasting time, money, and energy. Consider:

  • Price - as we mentioned, business is about profit. Compare pricing when considering your wholesale mailer The more you spend, the less money you get to put in your pocket at the end of the day. Consider your budget and shop around for pricing.
  • Quality - although pricing is important to your business’s bottom dollar, be wary of the cheapest wholesale mailer Sometimes you get what you pay for, and such is the case with wholesale shipping supplies. Often overlooked, but wholesale mailers are a huge part of your success as a business. If you skimp on the quality of your wholesale mailers, you risk your products being damaged on their way to the customer.
  • Reliability - you should always be able to rely on your wholesaler if you need advice or are having trouble. You also need to know that when you purchase your wholesale shipping supplies, they’re going to show up. Products that you use behind the scenes, like your wholesale mailers, are essential to keeping your business running smoothly. Make sure you have a reliable source.
  • Customer Service - as with anyone you give your business to, you should be sure that your wholesale shipping suppliers offer a good customer service experience. You should be able to reach your wholesaler when you need them, and they should be willing to fix any problems that may arise.
  • Knowledge - someone selling wholesale mailers and wholesale shipping supplies should be experts on their products. When your wholesaler is knowledgeable about the products, they can share some of that knowledge and experience with you, and you can make sure that they stand by their products.


A Wholesaler You Can Trust

At Shop4Mailers, wholesale shipping supplies are our area of expertise. We’ve spent a decade selling and shipping products around the world. We learned through trial and error what it takes to make a pleasant shipping experience. We offer the best quality poly mailers at great wholesale pricing. We are reliable, your order will always ship out the same day when you purchase before 10 am PST, and we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. We are here to answer questions and listen to feedback! Happy shipping!

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