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Questions on our Shipping Supplies?

We understand the importance of your shipping supplies, from having them In hand to the quality of each mailer and bag. If you have additional questions that are not answered below, please contact us.


1. When will you ship my order?

Currently, if you place an order before 12.30 p.m. PST, your order will be shipped the same day. This is during COVID-19.

2. When will I receive my shipping supplies order?

Our current ship time for California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona Is 1-2 days. We are seeing shipment times of 3-5 days for the rest of the continental United States.

3. How are you maintaining safety during COVID-19?

The safety of our staff, customers, and community is our number one priority. In addition to practicing social distancing, we are checking the temperature of each employee before they begin work and increasing cleaning and sanitation of all common areas.

4. What size poly mailer do I need?

Poly mailers are a fantastic choice for mailing all sorts of items. It’s important to ensure that your poly mailer is not over- or under-filled. Use this handy guide to determine what size poly mailer you need for your items.

5. Should I use a clear poly bag or a poly mailer?

Choosing the right size poly mailer is only one of the decisions you must make when purchasing shipping supplies. Poly mailers come in a variety of styles, including different colors and styles. Using a clear poly bag can be helpful to showcase your branding or to package items within other shipping supplies.

6. Does it matter which carrier I choose to ship my items?

When shipping your poly mailers, deciding which carrier to use can have an impact on the price you pay as well as how quickly your package arrives at its destination. If you’re not sure which one to choose, don’t worry, we’ve created a breakdown of how the top three carriers stack up against each other!

7. Can I recycle poly mailers?

Poly mailers are affordable, reusable, and in many situations, recyclable. Check out our blog for details on how to reuse or recycle your poly mailers.

8. Should I use bubble wrap for my items?

Bubble wrap is fun to pop, but it isn’t always necessary. Poly mailers help protect your items from dust, debris, and dirt, as well as prevent punctures, rips, and tears. Here’s a guide on how and when we recommend using bubble wrap.

9. What is the return policy?

We would be happy to accept any returns in their original condition and within 30 days of delivery. We have the right to refuse return packages if the return item(s) have been used or damaged after purchase. Buyer's are responsible for return postage.