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Clear Warning Bag

Something different, every day.

Rest assured that your commercial shipping materials will comply with all safety standards when you package your items in our clear suffocation warning bags. These poly bags are made from our traditional poly material to help protect your items from dust, debris, dirt, and moisture during transit. They’re also durable enough to resist tears, rips, and punctures. These warning bags are available in a variety of sizes to help ensure that you’re adhering to the highest level of safety possible no matter what you’re shipping.

In addition to protecting your items, these bags will protect your customers. Thanks to three vibrantly printed warning labels in English, French, and Spanish, these bags will alert your customers to the suffocation dangers to pets and children associated with plastic packing bags. These bags also meet Amazon FBA seller requirements.

  • Suffocation warning translated in three languages
  • Clear plastic poly bags are available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Made of virgin materials
  • Hassle free, easy peel, self-seal adhesive closure
  • Protects merchandise from dirt and moisture
  • Water and weather resistant
  • This product is not cellophane
  • Flexible and stretchy material
  • Fits wide variety of items
  • Use for all retail and storage needs 

Add these bags to your cart now to ensure you’re keeping yourself and your customers safe and happy.