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Clear Bag

Something different, every day.

Clear Poly Bags have a wide variety of uses and will quickly become your favorite staple to have around your home and office. Thanks to the same benefits offered by regular poly bags, our clear poly bags will protect your items from the dust, debris, and moisture that your items could encounter during shipping or storage. In addition, the bags’ construction makes them durable against punctures, tears, and rips caused by the wear and tear of commercial shipping.

Use for packing items for retail, shipping, arts and crafts, and more. Thanks to their clear design, these bags are perfect for showcasing creative internal packaging, for use as gift bags, or for storing a variety of items. The durable construction, easy self-seal technology, and wide variety of sizes will ensure you’ll love everything that these clear poly bags have to offer.

  • Clear plastic poly bags are available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Made of virgin materials
  • Hassle free, easy peel, self-seal adhesive closure
  • Protects merchandise from dirt and moisture
  • Water and weather resistant
  • This product is not cellophane
  • Flexible and stretchy material
  • Fits wide variety of items
  • Use for all retail and storage needs 

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