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Tips for Addressing Your Package

Tips for Addressing Your Package

Shipping is a big part of the eCommerce world. If you can’t get your orders to your customers in a timely, effective way, you’re not going to have a very successful business. Sometimes, certain circumstances like weather can lead to delays in delivery from your shipping carrier. Situations like these are somewhat normal, and customers usually understand.

However, if the delay is due to incorrectly filled out address labels or inadequate quality wholesale shipping supplies, your customers will likely be upset. Thirty-four percent of people will leave a negative review for a business after a bad experience. Bad reviews are a big deal because ninety-four percent of people say that a negative review has driven them away from a business.

An easy way to make sure shipping goes smoothly is to make sure your wholesale shipping supplies are quality materials that won’t compromise the protection of your products and to clearly and correctly fill out your shipping labels.


How to Address Shipping Labels

Correctly addressing your shipping labels can be the difference between an order delivered on time, or delayed several days. Here is the proper way to fill out an address label. Your recipient’s address goes in the middle of your package.

  • The first line of the address label is the customer’s full name.
  • On the second line, clearly and legibly write or print the customer’s street address. Add in apartment or suite numbers.
  • For the final line, write the city, state, and zip code.


Your return address is a requirement and goes on a shipping label in the top left-hand corner of your package. Follow the same prompt as above:

  • Your business name.
  • Your business’s street address.
  • City, state, and zip code.


Tips for Address Labels

Here are some tips to ensure you’ve done all that you can do to make sure your shipping label is as clear as possible:

  • Abbreviations of directional words and words like street, lane, and avenue are acceptable on your shipping labels. However, you are encouraged to take the time to write out the entire word.
  • Use a Zip+4 code, if at all possible.
  • Allow your ink to dry completely, so it doesn’t smear.
  • Do not use red ink.
  • If possible, print your address label.


Bonus Pro-Tip for Address Labels

It’s essential to your business that you fill out address labels correctly so that you can provide a positive shipping experience for your customers. Filling out address labels neatly can be time-consuming work on top of your already busy schedule. To make your shipping process more efficient, purchase wholesale shipping labels, like 30-Up labels.

Free shipping label templates are easy to find, so you can customize, and quickly copy over your customer’s addresses and print them on your wholesale shipping labels. Use the 30-Up labels to have pre-printed return address labels as well. Then it’s just a matter of peeling and sticking on packages. Shop4Mailers offers a wide selection of wholesale shipping supplies, and check out our blog for tips on how to take your eCommerce shipping experience from bad to top-notch.

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