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How to Address a Shipping Label

How to Address a Shipping Label

Online shopping has practically taken over the world. Between Amazon and Instagram influencers, plus the apps and websites that let you buy and sell clothes and accessories online, it’s easier than ever to shop from the comfort of your couch. With this ease comes the need for companies, small businesses, and even individuals to pack and ship merchandise. Which lends the question, how do you address a shipping label to ensure your poly mailers arrive at their destination quickly and efficiently?


What You Need

When addressing your shipping label, you’ll need to know your customer’s name, mailing address — including city, state, and zip code — and any information about what your poly mailers contain. Educate yourself about what the requirements are for what items can and cannot be mailed through different carriers before making a selection.

To select the best service for your needs, you should also think about the following questions:

  • What selling platforms do you need to integrate into your service?
  • How many poly mailers do you need to make a shipping label for each day, week, or month?
  • What country do you send the majority of your poly mailers?

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Shipping Label Options 

There are four primary options when it comes to the logistics behind addressing a shipping label: using an online carrier’s template, using a shipping label software, using an online automated service, and the tried and true DIY option.

  • Carrier templates: If you ship your poly mailers with one specific carrier, using their templates can be reasonably straightforward. However, it’s not exactly the fastest. Each mail carrier offers users a sign-up option to create an account and then make their shipping label. It’s as easy as logging in to your account on their website, filling out the template for the shipping label, saving the file, and then printing the label at home.
  • Label software: If you have shipping label stickers, this can be a fast and easy option. Software such as Avery, Microsoft Word, and Open Office are popular software services that customers can use to create a shipping label to stick on their poly mailers.
  • Automated online service: Services like Stamps.com, ShipStation, and Endicia are online options that can fill out forms from a variety of carriers. If you have multiple poly mailers to ship each day and don’t mind paying for the convenience, it’s an excellent service.
  • Do it yourself: Hand-writing a shipping label can be a nice gesture for clients and customers. However, if you have dozens of items to ship every day, it may make more financial sense to invest in a service to make things easier. If handwritten gifts are an essential part of your customer service, consider making your handwriting into a font that you can use on your computer. Yes — you can do that! Click here to check out a Buzzfeed article for more details!


For customers who need a shipping label service for multiple selling platforms, ShipStation is a great choice. If you ship less than 50 poly mailers per month, ShippingEasy is an affordable option with a variety of platform integrations. Stamps.com is excellent for domestic mailings, while Endicia is a better choice if you ship internationally.

Regardless of which shipping label service you select, Shop4Mailers has an incredible selection of poly mailers, as well as other shipping items, to help equip your shipping station. Check out our shipping labels and get started streamlining your mailing needs today!

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