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How to Use Wholesale Poly Mailers

How to Use Wholesale Poly Mailers

If you’re in a business where shipping is what connects you to your customers, you have no doubt heard of poly mailers. Wholesale poly mailers are an efficient and cost-effective shipping staple. But they’re also super handy, multifunctional tools to keep around the office. You will be surprised by all the ways you find to make use of a pack of wholesale poly mailers. But for now, let’s focus on their intended purpose.


Using Your Wholesale Poly Mailers

Wholesale poly mailers come in multiple different styles, and it can be a little tricky to determine what style will serve you best. Shop4Mailers offers a variety of sizes and thicknesses in white poly mailers, colored poly mailers, designed poly mailers, and even clear poly mailers. But what does each style work best for?


When to Use White Poly Mailers

White poly mailers are all business, no-nonsense. When you just want to safely and efficiently get your product to your customer in an economical way, chose the white poly mailer. The self-sealing tab makes them super convenient, and they protect your product from moisture and damage. Our white poly mailers are flexible, opaque material that keeps whatever you’re shipping safe and confidential.


When to Use Designed Poly Mailers

Designed poly mailers are ideal for the person or business that wants to carry their branding personality beyond their products and websites, and expand to their packaging as well. All of our products offer protection from the elements. But only our designed poly mailers show the world another side of your brand.   


How to Use Clear Poly Mailers

Clear poly mailers are probably our most versatile product. There are a ton of applications outside of shipping that you can apply to a clear poly mailer. But their intended purpose is for use with your other wholesale poly mailers. When customers order multiple products from you, place each individual item in its own clear poly mailer, and then in a white poly mailer (or a designed poly mailer, depending on your preference). Packaging with a clear poly mailer in addition to a white poly mailer gives a professional appearance while offering added protection.


Why Buy Wholesale Poly Mailers

You might wonder if it’s necessary to buy wholesale poly mailers, especially if you’re a new business just trying to get off the ground. You might look at the quantity and think, “what am I going to do with a thousand white poly mailers?” But buying wholesale is usually the best value because the more you buy, the cheaper the individual bags are. Whether you are a brand new business, or you’ve been at it for years, you will use your poly mailers eventually. It’s way better to have leftover white poly mailers than none at all when you need to ship!


Shop4Mailers: Wholesale Poly Mailers and More

Shop4Mailers are your experts in shipping. We can help you determine what size and style poly mailer is right for you, so all you need to pick is whether you want a white or a designed poly mailer! Don’t forget your other shipping essentials while you’re at it. We offer shipping labels and warning labels as well!

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