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Shipping Essentials: Clear Poly Bags

Shipping Essentials: Clear Poly Bags

Shipping supplies are essential to keep stocked when fulfillment is a regular part of your business. Shipping supplies can also be super convenient to keep in the home or office for other less frequent shipping needs. Have you ever had to send something from your house, and you’re without the basics? It’s a hassle, big time. But there are a lot of other applications for which shipping supplies come in handy. First, some essentials you should always have on hand:

It can be very helpful to have a station dedicated to packing and shipping, organized with your shipping supplies. If you’re regularly shipping items or products, consider making a DIY shipping station made from an old desk. At the very least, have an area where you can easily access all the supplies you need to package and ship, and a clear space to do it.


Clear Poly Bag Benefits

Clear poly bags are a shipping essential, but they’re also multifunctional. Use poly bags for many different applications around the home or office. Here are a few reasons we think clear poly bags are great to keep on hand.

  • Our clear poly bags are virgin plastic material. This means that the plastic is more durable than recycled plastic.
  • All of our poly bags are self-sealing for added convenience.
  • Poly bags and mailers offer durable protection against moisture, dust, and scratches.
  • Clear poly bags are stretchy to fit a wide array of products.
  • Our poly bags come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to fill whatever need you have.


Using Shipping Supplies for Organization

You can repurpose many shipping supplies as organization tools in the home or the office. Reuse boxes to organize supply and linen closets. Placing items in baskets keeps a small space from getting cluttered, and allows every item to have its own place. If you aren’t crazy about the way cardboard boxes look in your closets, cover them with contact paper for a stylish, personalized touch.

Use clear poly bags to store items in a visible way. Photos are priceless captured memories, but they are unfortunately not very durable. The smallest amount of water can destroy an image. Store your pictures of any size in our clear poly bags for protection from moisture, dust, and scratches.

Our clear poly bags are also a great option in an online clothing store setting. You can fold items, package in a poly bag, label, and organize by size and style. This way, as soon as an order comes in, efficient grab-and-go packing ensures that your customers will get their purchase as quickly as possible.


Shop4Mailers, Your Home for Shipping Supplies

At Shop4Mailers, we pride ourselves on having all the shipping supplies you need in one spot. Keep our poly bags, labels, and mailers in varying sizes on hand, so that you can organize your home and office, and be prepared to ship fast and provide your customers with excellent customer care and fast shipping. We pair our selection of shipping essentials with unparalleled customer service and super-fast shipping.

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