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Preparing for Holiday Shopping and Shipping

Preparing for Holiday Shopping and Shipping

Online holiday shopping seems to become more and more regular with each passing year. With the evolution of ecommerce businesses, online stores are seeing more of a spike during the holiday season. Customers no longer want to stand in line and instead opt to shop from their homes with gifts delivered right to their door. With the holiday rush right around the corner, you don't want to fall behind on your shipping.

We will teach you how to prepare your shipping supplies for the holiday shopping season. With customers seeking speed of delivery and low shipping costs, we will also offer our tips for holiday shopping incentives and quick ship options so you can satisfy last-minute shoppers. With this comprehensive guide, you will be fully prepared for the busy holiday shopping season by staying organized, stocking up on shipping supplies, and keeping costs low by shopping wholesale.


Online Shopping Boom 

From the consumer to the business owner, there is so much convenience that online shopping has brought to us, but it wasn’t always this way. It was only last year that online shopping overtook the majority of traditional retailers. When your calendars start filling up with holiday events, there's hardly any time to shop at busy malls. The shop from home experience has evolved into something extraordinary, and it's a great time to be in the ecommerce arena. With customers seeking convenience, speed of delivery, and low shipping costs, you want to prepare your business for more significant traffic during the holiday shopping season. There are so many complexities that come with running a business, so we want to offer our shipping expertise. Whether it's simplifying your logistics or finding the best shipping supplies, we are here to help. Let's learn how you can prepare your business for the holidays' online shopping boom by stocking up your supply of shipping essentials.


Stocking up on Shipping Supplies

Don’t let a low stock of shipping supplies cause a hiccup during the busy holiday season. With Shop4Mailers, you can stock up on wholesale shipping supplies that will arrive right at your door. Shopping wholesale gives you a more generous supply at a lower cost.  We know which shipping products are essential for shipping all sizes and types of holiday gifts, that's why we offer these shipping supplies that will keep you prepared through the holiday season and beyond:

  • Poly mailer bags
  • Shipping labels
  • Warning labels
  • Address labels

The best way to get ahead of the holiday shipping rush is all in the preparation. Aim to have a well-stocked warehouse of all your essential shipping supplies before the holiday shopping season. Our wholesale shipping products will help you keep up with demand while keeping costs low. With a bulk supply of shipping supplies, you'll be ready to take on the holiday shopping season's rush. These high-quality shipping supplies, specifically our poly mailer bags, can be used for many different non-fragile gifts. Let's learn more about our favorite packaging, the poly mailer bag.


Ship All Sized Gifts with Poly Mailers

If you’re looking for an all-purpose shipping supply to transport all of the holiday gifts, check out our poly mailer bags. These poly mailers fit so many different items, big and small. For smaller gifts like jewelry and trinkets, try our smallest-sized poly mailer bag, measuring at six by nine inches. Our most spacious poly mailer bag is sized at 19 x 34 inches for bulkier, larger items. We have plenty of sizes of a poly mailer that will satisfy all of your shipping supply needs. Aside from multiple sizes, there are so many reasons to consider stocking up on poly mailer bags:

  • Sturdy material
  • Lightweight for economical shipping
  • Available in white, solid colors, and designs
  • Tear and puncture-resistant
  • Opaque for privacy and security


When working with poly mailers, you want to find a size that will fit your items snugly but not too tight. The flexible material that makes up our poly mailer bags keeps your packages safe and helps you fit a lot more in a little space since you want the items to be a bit snug in the packaging. These poly mailers will also help to fit more products for less packaging. From clothing to jewelry, poly mailer bags are an excellent packaging option for shipping this holiday season. With the option to dress up your poly mailer bag, there’s no need for wrapping paper. No matter which color or design you choose, you can be sure that these poly mailers will give the same fun style as a packaged gift. With an array of colors and designs to choose from, you will be sure to find the right poly mailer for all of your holiday packages. No matter the reason or the season, there are plenty of reasons why you should try out our poly mailer bags for all of your shipping supply needs. No matter what size gift you are shipping, there are plenty of ways we can help you find the most accurate size mailer.


Staying Organized

Starting early and staying organized are the keys to getting ahead of the hectic holiday season. When you're getting ready to send your gifts, it's essential to stay organized, especially if you have a long list of shipments. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your shipping station with extra materials, gift wrapping, and other trimmings needed for special holiday packaging.

When it comes to organization, we know all about how you can create a gift wrapping station and shipping supply stockroom for quick wrapping, packaging, and shipping. Before you start shipping, we recommend setting up all of your supplies in a clean and organized fashion. You should have a clear view of all of the necessary packaging products like poly mailer bags, labels, etc. All of your products should also be kept organized and clearly labeled for easy grabbing and packing. The printer should also be nearby to easily print shipping labels and apply them to the prepared package.


Packaging Gifts

Wrapping gifts and sticking them under the tree and packaging with everyday shipping supplies are two very different ball games. When it comes to shipping gifts, you want to take extra precautions to make sure your items are safe and secure when traveling to their final destination.

Before choosing a poly mailer bag, you want to know the length and width of your item. Your poly mailer should hold your item in place, but you can use stuffing or filler to fill in your packaging's extra spaces. Whether or not it's the holiday season, Shop4Mailers is here to share our shipping advice, even when it comes to how to package a gift for shipment properly.

First, choose a package that is close in size to your items. Next, make sure you wrap each item individually within the package. Consider using bubble wrap or fillers to eliminate any extra space. Lastly, use secondary protective material for added protection. If you want that extra sense of security, you can add extra shipping supplies to protect your items.

With bubble wrap, clear poly bags, and fillers, you can add a secondary layer of protection to your package's interior. See if you should be adding bubble wrap or other fillers to your packages. These products also help to add space and fill in empty areas inside the package. Transparent poly bags work to wick away moisture, dust, and debris away from your package's inside contents. The less space your package has, the less chance it will move or slide around within the package contents. To improve the quality of your packing, follow these best practices.


Shipping with Holiday Style

Wrapping gifts and sticking them under the tree and packaging for shipment are more similar than you would think. When you're unable to give a gift in person, small details in your packaging will go a long way to make each gift feel special. If you're looking for ways to make your holiday shipments extra special, there's plenty of opportunities to spruce up your shipping supplies. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your external packaging for the holidays or in general, we’ve picked some of our favorite fun and vibrant poly mailer bags:



Address labels and shipping labels are a necessary part of the packaging, but you can add some pizzazz by making a fun design for your labels with a holiday theme. With these same labels, you can create holiday stickers customized to your business to stick on the outside of your packaging or use in place of tape when wrapping your item in tissue paper, a clear poly bag, or another type of treatment. You can add fun holiday business cards to your packaging as well. 


Holiday Shipping Incentives

If you’re looking for more ways to entice shoppers this holiday season, consider offering special promotions. Customers are ditching brick and mortar retail stores and are shopping online now more than ever. With holiday shipping incentives, you can increase the likelihood that an online shopper will not only browse your products but follow through with their order into fulfillment. There are plenty of ways to entice online shoppers with these incentives:

  • Holiday promotion codes
  • Free or reduced shipping costs
  • Membership/Loyalty Program bonuses
  • Free returns


Holiday promotion codes are an excellent way for online shoppers to get that coupon clipping rush. Promo codes allow online retailers to customize discounts by percentage or a specific dollar amount off. You can even use promo codes to offer free shipping.

Another way to include free or reduced shipping costs is to offer a minimum purchase qualifier for these perks. If your online business uses a membership program or loyalty rewards system, you can offer unique points or bonuses for holiday shopping to incentivize shoppers. Offering free returns as a holiday promotion can help put customers at ease about gifting an online purchase. Check out more ways to incentivize online shoppers for the holiday season here.


Last Minute Deliveries

If you're looking to rush deliver a gift, don't worry, we've all been there. There are plenty of shipping services that offer quick shipping turnarounds for time-sensitive or urgent needs. USPS, FedEx, and UPS offer overnight and next-day shipping services. For the holiday season, USPS' Priority Mail will deliver every day of the year, so you don't have to worry about shipping on only business days or non-holidays. With FedEx, you can opt for their First Overnight shipping service that guarantees next-day shipping. UPS offers Express Critical, their fastest turnaround shipping service offering same-day delivery for your most urgent gift needs.

If your ecommerce business wants to satisfy last-minute holiday shoppers, consider adding these rushed shipping options to your site. If you're preparing to work with different carriers, consider learning more about correctly printing shipping labels for each primary shipping service here. The last-minute rush is unavoidable around the holiday season, so make sure you are stocked with all of the necessary shipping supplies before the rush begins.


Gifting with Shop4Mailers

Let Shop4Mailers offer you some holiday cheer in the form of our shipping expertise and high-quality shipping supplies. Whether you’re looking to streamline your holiday shipping or stock-up on poly mailer bags, we are here to help point you in the right direction. We've done the hard part of researching the best materials and quality products, so you don't have to.

When it comes to packaging gifts for the holidays, we know it's important to have packaging that is easy to work with and will keep your items protected during the delivery process.  Whether you're looking for the poly mailer, warning labels, or a variety of clear poly bags, Shop4Mailers has everything you need for shipping supplies.

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