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Your Guide to Suffocation Warning Labels

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Providing appropriate suffocation warnings and other warning labels are not always mandated, but these safety measures should be a serious consideration for any business, especially e-commerce sites. With an array of shipping products in your supply, some products may pose the risk of suffocation.


Keeping customer satisfaction and safety at the forefront of your business's shipping needs, learn why you should consider adding suffocation warnings to your packaging material. Safety is a top priority for any business, but online shopping's increased popularity and convenience come with some risks. Today, we are going to focus on everything you need to know about suffocation warning labels.


Suffocation Warning Label Legal Requirements

Whether you own an e-commerce business or are shipping for personal reasons, suffocation warning labels give you the extra peace of mind that you included the proper warning labels. It is crucial to understand how and when to use suffocation warning bags when sending to keep your customers safe and protected.


These requirements are not enforced by the USA's Federal laws, though individual states can mandate these suffocation warning requirements. If your e-commerce is selling from any of the following areas, suffocation warning labels are mandated:


  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Chicago, IL


Each of these locations has a set of guidelines for specific information that should be followed regarding the label type and size requirements. Even if your state does not mandate these requirements, taking these extra steps to include suffocation warning labels on your shipping packages is a safety precaution you want to consider for both your business and customers. Learn more about each individual states suffocation warning requirements.


Amazon Safety and Packaging Requirements

Though some online retailers require suffocation warning labels on shipping packages, these rules are not universal. For one of the most commonly used online retailers, Amazon has set guidelines for suffocation warnings when used in poly bags, as outlined in their package and preparation requirements. Specific warning label requirements are mandated for boxed units and loose items as well.


These requirements state that poly bags with a five-inch or larger opening must comply by including a suffocation warning either printed on the bag or attached as a label. When sellers do not include these labels when shipping with Amazon, they are at risk of wasting packaging and re-bagging with the proper warnings.


Amazon’s packaging and preparation requirements outline the warning label to be printed on a prominent location, like the front of the bag, in a font size that is clear and legible. Additionally, poly bags must be transparent, completely sealed, and include a scannable barcode.


Our mailer bags and warning labels meet Amazon’s FBA seller requirements. If you are utilizing an online platform, be sure to research their safety requirements for packaging to see if clear poly bags, suffocation labels, and warning labels are mandatory. Stay tuned to learn more about these shipping supplies with warning labels.


Shipping Supplies with Warning Labels

When you use our clear suffocation warning bags, you can stress less knowing that our commercial shipping materials comply with safety standards. With three clearly printed warning labels in English, French, and Spanish, these suffocation warning labels alert your customers to the suffocation risks plastic bags pose to pets and children.


No matter what your package may encounter during transit, our poly bags will keep your item protected. The clear poly bags are made from a flexible, sturdy material that protects your item from dirt, dust, debris, and moisture. Properly packaging your item is another way to ensure maximum protection - we will dive into this later on.


When you are shipping off a package to the carrier, you can no longer control what that package will encounter, which is why we recommend secure and robust poly bags. This material is resistant to tears, rips, and punctures, so your products arrive at your customer's doorstep in the same excellent condition in which they were shipped.


In addition to protecting your items, these bags will protect your customers. Thanks to three vibrantly printed warning labels in English, French, and Spanish, these bags will alert your customers to the suffocation dangers to pets and children associated with plastic packing bags. These bags also meet Amazon FBA seller requirements.


These warning bags are available in various sizes to help ensure that you're adhering to the highest level of safety possible no matter what you're shipping, with sizes ranging from 6 by 9 inches to 19 by 24 inches. Shop4Mailers carries a collection of clear poly bags that come with a self-seal, hassle-free closure. The self-seal adhesive aims to keep the bags closed and secure during every stage of transit.


Shipping Products You Can Trust

We know you value the importance of a trusted shipping process and getting your items securely to your customers. You should also be conscious of your customers' safety once they open their packages and purchase shipping supplies you can count on.


Consider upgrading your shipping products and packaging with these supplies:


  • Poly mailer bags - available in white, colors, and unique and fun designs, we can help you find a mailer bag that fits your needs.
  • Clear poly mailer bag - for added safety, consider purchasing clear poly bags with a pre-printed suffocation warning
  • Shipping labels - Add ease to writing out addresses and use these shipping labels in your printer.


Quality shipping supplies combined with the use of a dedicated shipping station can help to optimize your processes. With fast and trustworthy shipping, your customers will be sure to return.


Meeting Safety Standards Within Your Business Budget

You don't have to break the bank to follow safety rules. When you purchase shipping supplies directly from us, you cut out the middleman, keeping costs low. At wholesale prices, you can stock your shipping supplies with high-quality products.


Please take advantage of our wholesale supply and ensure that your e-commerce business never misses an order due to not having the right supplies. When it comes to doing business, everything can come down to the bottom dollar, giving yourself peace of mind by shopping from Shop4Mailers, the trusted shipping experts
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