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What Size Poly Mailer Do I Need?

What Size Poly Mailer Do I Need?

Whether your ecommerce business is shipping tiny jewelry or heavy sweatshirts, one fact remains - you will need to have the right-sized packaging.

Poly mailers are great shipping essential to fit all products, large or small. Let’s get started learning how you can measure what size mailer will be best for your business.


Why Is Packaging Important?

Are you looking for packaging that will keep your product secure? Poly mailers are created using a durable plastic material meant to keep your items intact during transportation. There are so many factors that can play into your packaging arriving safely: weather, handling, and of course, the type of packaging used. Poly mailers are strong enough to resist any punctures or tears. Ensuring you have the correctly sized mailer can benefit the shipping process by giving the product an enclosed shell with little wiggle room.

Do you want to see if poly mailers are the right choice for your business? There are plenty of options - see what’s best for you.

Measuring Mailers

One size does not fit all. At Shop4Mailers, we carry a variety of sizes for all your poly mailer needs. When it comes to gauging how big or small a package you need, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips to keep in mind when measuring mailers:

  • Measure your product
  • Add space for additional wrappings like bubble wrap or clear poly bags
  • Leave a small amount of space for your product - you don’t want the packaging to be overly tight

We hope you will keep in mind these tips and tricks for measuring mailers for your business needs.

Poly Mailers for Every Size

When shipping small items, consider using our 6 x 9-inch poly mailers. Keep in mind the size of your product in its ready-to-ship state when measuring mailers. You want to be sure you are accounting for any additional length or width gained with your product packaging, including any final touches such as tissue paper or add-ons.

If you are worried that there might be too much space for your small items, you can compare poly bags or poly bubble mailers. We recommend using a simple poly mailer as you can always add or remove padding - this adds a level of customization depending on the different types of products that your business sells. There are additional precautions to take when shipping fragile items, so keep that in mind when measuring your poly mailers.

You don’t need a cardboard box to keep your larger items protected during the shipping process. Our poly bags range in all different sizes, with our largest mailer measuring at 19 x 24. These mailers are flexible enough to work with bulkier clothes, allowing room for folding - though you’ll want to keep your package as flat as you can and give your product a bit of wiggle room.

Now that you’ve learned how to measure mailers, recall why the right-sized packaging is essential and important to make sure your products arrive safely to your customers.  Whether big or small, we have you covered with a variety of sizes for all of your shipping needs.

Have more questions? Check out our blog for answers to everything shipping.

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