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How to Pick a Poly Mailer

How to Pick a Poly Mailer

Are you looking for the right shipping product to securely package your items? Poly mailers have so many benefits, including the ability to fit a multitude of items, ideally for non-fragile products. For your ecommerce business or personal needs, these mailers make an excellent packaging choice. From mailers to clear bags and everything in between, let Shop4Mailers be your one-stop-shop for all of your shipping needs.


Why We Love Poly Mailers

Are you sick of cardboard boxes taking up so much space? Our poly mailers are lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy-to-store. With non-bulky packaging solutions, you can clear your warehouse or shipping station, making room for better work efficiencies and organization.

Here are just a few reasons why our mailer bags are a packaging favorite:

  • Hassle-free sealing
  • Lightweight for economical postage
  • Available in different sizes and thicknesses
  • Wholesale cost

Poly mailers are made from a sturdy plastic material, keeping your packages secure from wandering eyes while also protecting your package contents from tears, rips, or holes. Find out more about why these mailers will change your shipping game. If you’re unsure which mailer is best for your needs, let us help you find the right size and color options.


Finding the Right Size of Poly Mailers

Poly mailers can fit so many items - from clothing to jewelry, shoes, and more. Regardless of your product sizes, we've outlined some tips to help you find the best fitting poly mailer. When getting started, measure your item and then account for the additional room for decorative items such as tissue paper and wrappings such as bubble wrap or clear poly bags. When figuring your package size, you want to make sure your product is snug but not overly constrained. Aim to have a minimal amount of extra space in your package, but not so much that it will shift around during transit.


Make Your Poly Mailer Pop

With flat rate envelopes and cardboard boxes, there's little to no room for customizing your exterior packaging. There's so much excitement in receiving a package, so why not adorn it like a gift! Our poly mailers come in a variety of colors and designs to add fun and flair to your packages. If bright and vibrant isn't your thing, we also have white poly mailers. Whether size or style is essential to you, the protection will always be there. Let us help you find the right poly mailer for your business needs.


Extra Protection

Poly mailers are an excellent packaging solution to protect your products from external damage during delivery. For that extra layer of protection, consider adding clear bags to your shipping supply list. Clear bags are a thin, plastic bag that surrounds your product, acting as a barrier between your item and the actual mailer. These clear bags help to keep water, dirt, and dust away from your items. Check out our clear bags for your storage and shipping needs.


Shipping with Shop4Mailers

Whether you’re looking for extra package protection with clear bags or tips to get started, let us help you guide it. Shipping doesn't have to be complicated - let us help you simplify your shipping supplies with these tips to getting started. With our shipping and packaging expertise, you can streamline your business processes and stock up on high-quality, wholesale shipping supplies. 

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