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The Importance of High-Quality Poly Mailers

If you have been looking into poly mailers to start shipping products, you know there are many options out there. However, it is essential to choose the right one based on the content you are shipping. While there are many standard lightweight poly mailers you can choose from, a high-quality lightweight poly mailer may be the right choice. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about high-quality mailers, how to use them, and everything in between.

What is a High-Quality Poly Mailer? 

A poly mailer is a lightweight plastic envelope made of plastic. These high-quality lightweight poly mailers are moisture-resistant and durable. While they may look thin, they offer a layer of protection that will ensure your product arrives in perfect condition on your customer’s doorstep.

How to Tell if a Poly Mailer is High Quality





Check the Thickness of the Poly Mailer

The thickness of a poly mailer is essential to determine its quality. The ideal thickness for a high-quality lightweight poly mailer is two millimeters or more. This thickness offers excellent durability to prevent tears, punctures, and damage to the product. 

Verify the Materials Used to Make the Poly Mailer

Verify the Materials Used to Make the Poly Mailer

A high-quality lightweight poly mailer is made with 100% polyethylene film, also known as plastic. This film can withstand the coldest weather conditions, such as sleet or snow, as well as the warmest weather conditions, like high humidity. Pair that with an ideal thickness, and you have a high-quality lightweight poly mailer.

Does the Poly Mailer Have Layers?

Another thing to look for in a high-quality lightweight poly mailer is an added layer of protection. This layer is often bubble-lined and can be lined as little as once or as many as four times, making this an excellent option for your more fragile items. In addition, these layers serve as extra padding for your items, making it possible to ship items that may be more delicate. 

Is the Poly Mailer Self-Sealing?

A high-quality lightweight poly mailer will have a self-sealing option where you can pull the tab and seal your mailer. There are two options for self-sealing poly mailers, one being a reusable seal and the other being a permanent seal. If you are worried about your package opening in transit, go with the permanent seal.

What Makes a Good Poly Mailer?

Many factors determine what makes a good poly mailer. A lightweight poly mailer is meant to ship numerous different types of goods in all different sizes. Knowing the qualities to look for in a good poly mailer will help ensure your product stays safe and protected. 

Qualities of a Good Poly Mailer




Poly Mailers are Lightweight

Poly Mailers are lightweight and are an excellent choice for shipping many of your products. They are easy to handle, making them an optimal choice. This also makes them an excellent choice to save on postage when shipping items as well. Their lightweight nature makes them popular among ecommerce sellers!

Poly Mailers are Durable

Poly mailers are durable, making them popular among those who use them for shipping purposes. Their durable material helps avoid tears, punctures, or damage from liquid, dirt, or dust. 

Poly Mailers are Eco-Friendly

Poly mailers are eco-friendly, just another reason to use them. While they are made with polyethylene material known to be harmful to the environment, the material is strong, which will help products have a longer shelf life. Because of this, less waste goes out into the environment as it can be used for extended periods and requires minimal materials for constant production.

How to Choose the Right Poly Mailer

Choosing the right lightweight poly mailer is dependent on what you are using the mailer for. If you are shipping clothes and other lightweight items, you need to choose the proper size poly mailer to fit your needs. If you choose to ship something that needs a little extra protection, you can use a bubble mailer that offers that added layer. 

What Can I Ship in a High-Quality Poly Mailer

What Can I Ship in a High-Quality Poly Mailer? 

Poly mailers are used to ship delicate items that generally aren’t fragile. These items include clothing, bedding, phone cases, jewelry, toys, books, fabrics, or smaller products encased in other durable materials. Poly mailers are versatile and are meant to make shipping easier for anyone.

How Many Stamps Are Needed for a Poly Mailer? 

The number of stamps needed is dependent on the size of your poly mailer. Lightweight poly mailers are always a great option as they are cost-effective when shipping items. If you are unsure of the number of stamps needed to ship your item, visit your local post office for confirmation. They will weigh and measure your item, ensuring proper postage and avoiding your product getting returned to you for not having the correct number of stamps needed.

Why Should You Ship Using a Poly Mailer?






Poly Mailers Are Affordable

Poly mailers will continue to be a huge draw, especially for ecommerce merchants who constantly ship items. A mailer is an inexpensive purchase, and if you are planning to ship numerous items, you can buy them in bulk. In addition, they are cost-effective to buy and ship, making them an ideal choice for many.

Poly Mailers Save Space

Poly mailers save space due to their sleek design. They aren’t bulky and are easy to transport from place to place. These mailers also come in many sizes that you can choose from based on the item you’re shipping! If you are shipping a bundle, a mailer is an excellent choice because it is lightweight and helps avoid numerous packages going to the same location.

Poly Mailers Offer Added Protection

Poly mailers offer an added layer of protection to items. Items already packaged can be put into a poly bag to make sure your items arrive in perfect condition. Some poly bags even have bubble wrap inside them, making them an excellent option for more fragile items. Many use these mailers for the added protection even if the item isn’t fragile. These lightweight poly mailers are also waterproof, tear-resistant, and secure.

You Can Customize Poly Mailers

Branding is a great way to set your product apart from any of your competitors. For example, you can customize your poly bag with your logo, other brand-related images, or company colors. This can bring attention to your business and products and offers a great branding opportunity. A bonus is that the customer will also notice this personal touch! 

Poly Mailers are Commonly Used

While some merchants may steer away from a lightweight poly mailer thinking it is too cheap for their products, they are widespread among most sellers, especially in the ecommerce world. So, whether you have ordered an item from a private seller or a large chain like Amazon, you have most likely received a poly mailer before.

What is the Best Way to Ship a Poly Mailer

What is the Best Way to Ship a Poly Mailer? 

To put it in simple terms, it all depends on the weight. There are three types of USPS mail that you can ship items through. Each one is dependent on the weight of the product being shipped. If you are looking to ship USPS First Class Mail, your item must weigh under sixteen ounces. If you are looking to ship USPS Priority Mail, your item must weigh under seventy pounds. 

The final option is USPS Media Mail, any mailer weighing under seventy pounds that holds specific contents, including books, videotapes, DVDs, Blu Rays, CDs, and Vinyl records. This option is considered fourth-class mail by the USPS, and they have the right to open the contents to verify its validity. 

If you prefer to ship via FedEx or UPS, you can still use lightweight poly mailers. Just do your research or visit a local store to ensure that you are using the right size and know how to ship the product.

Properly Fit Your Products into Poly Mailers

It is crucial to make sure that your item fits into your mailer properly. For example, if you have a large mailer but a small item and use the large mailer, this can cause issues when shipping. This is due to the flat spots throughout the package, causing it to be misread for what it is. 

When your package is misread, this can cause delays and even have your product returned to you. Ensure you have an assortment of poly mailers that are all different sizes, so you are using the correct option for whatever item you are shipping.

How to Choose the Right Poly Mailer Size for Your Item 


-Type of Product

-Know the Dimensions

-Test the Process

Make Sure to Measure Your Product

Measure the height, length, and width of your product before putting it in your lightweight poly mailer. This will save you money, ensuring you don’t overpay in shipping! If you choose an oversized mailer, you are paying for the weight, and even the extra space can add to the weight causing you to lose money.

What Type of Product is it?

If you are shipping something soft, such as clothing, you can fit it in a lightweight poly mailer that is the same size as your product. The product should fit nice and snug into your mailer, and then it is ready to ship! If it is something more fragile, you want to make sure it doesn’t break, so fill the void! You can put all sorts of materials in your mailer to fill the open space around your fragile product and keep it protected.

Know if the Dimensions of Your Mailer are Interior or Exterior Measurements

When buying in bulk order, you must account for your product size. If you are shipping the same product all the time, great! But what if a customer wants to buy three of the items instead of one? It would be best if you were prepared with a larger poly mailer that will allow you to bundle. Make sure to measure your product alone, and then a few of them together and order the correct size mailer. Double-check the dimensions of the mailer you are buying to confirm if the measurements they are giving you are for the interior or exterior of the mailer.

Test Your Shipping Process

If you want to be able to start shipping right after customers click “buy” on your site, do a mock ship first! Make sure that you have tested your shipping process to ensure no issues during your test run. You can even ship it to a friend or family member. Once you know it was a success; you are ready to go!

Are Poly Mailers Recyclable? 

Yes! Poly mailers are recyclable. So why does it seem like no one ever recycles them? While you can recycle these lightweight poly mailers, they can’t be thrown in the regular recycling that is picked up at your house this week. While it does take some extra leg work, you can search the web for a place to recycle those materials, therefore helping the environment!

Where Can I Buy Poly Mailers? 

There are numerous types of lightweight poly mailers and even more places you can buy them from. It is essential to research where you plan to buy these from and make sure you are not buying just due to price. While these lightweight poly mailers are affordable and straightforward, there are some cheaper options out there that won’t be worth the savings of a few cents. 

While cheaper mailers may seem appealing, especially if you are buying in bulk, it is imperative to avoid these options. You don’t want to invest money in shipping your products only to have your mailers start ripping and damaging your items in transit. Instead, spend the extra few cents for good-quality mailers; it will save you money and time in the future!

Well, that’s everything you need to know about high-quality mailers. While it takes time and energy to do the research, it will pay off when you are successfully running your business and shipping products out to your customers every single day. Shop4Mailers is here for all your shipping needs. Whether lightweight poly mailers, high-quality poly mailers, or labels, we are here for everything you may need to start your shipping experience and make it a success! 

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