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Everything You Need to Know About Poly Mailers

Do you have your own business? Are you constantly struggling to find the best way to ship your goods to others? Being able to create a successful and seamless shipping experience is crucial to your success. 

A positive shipping experience affects both you and your customers on the receiving end. If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry! Today, we are going back to the basics of shipping your products. 

What is a Poly Mailer?

If you haven’t heard of a poly mailer before, it is crucial to know what they are before deciding they are the right choice for you. A poly mailer is a lightweight plastic envelope made of plastic. This moisture-resistant and durable mailer may look thin, but it offers a layer of protection that will ensure the delivery of your product arrives in perfect condition on your customer’s doorstep.

What is a Poly Mailer Made of? 

Poly mailers are made with polyethylene film, which is also known as plastic. It is the lightest variant of all the polyethylenes. This plastic lightweight mailer can withstand the coldest weather conditions, such as rain or snow, and the warmest weather conditions, like high humidity.

How Much is a Poly Mailer

One of the things that makes a poly mailer so appealing is how affordable it is. Their cost is the most significant advantage the poly mailer has over the other options out there. The average cost is about twenty-five cents per mailer when buying in bulk and about $1.25 if buying a single unit. This low cost makes it an easy choice for many. 

Are There Different Sizes of Poly Mailers

Poly mailers come in numerous sizes, but the standard size is a 10” x 13” mailer. While you can purchase poly mailers in bigger or smaller sizes, choosing based on what you plan to put inside them is essential. Make sure to measure the length and width of your item before purchasing your poly mailer to ensure you buy the proper size necessary.

What are the Production Stages of Poly Bags?

  • Blown Film
  • Plastic Rolls

The Blown Film Extrusion Process

The blown film extrusion process is the first step in creating a polybag. First, tiny plastic pellets (also known as resin) are melted down until they have become pliable and infused. Once the desired pliability has been reached, they are pressed through a gap to form a continuous plastic tube. This plastic tube is pinched off at one end and then inflated and stretched to the desired size and thickness.


Poly Bags from Plastic Rolls

Poly Bags from Plastic Rolls 

After the blown film extrusion process is complete, those plastic rolls are transformed into poly bags. To do this, the rolls of plastic tubing are fed into a machine that draws the material out to the desired length. The machine will then place a seal on the material at said length, cutting it off to make an individual bag. This process is repeated until the desired number of poly bags has been completed.

Are There Different Color Poly Bags? 

  • White
  • Clear
  • Color
  • Custom

The White Poly Bag

White poly bags are the standard color. These lightweight mailers are great for keeping your item confidential. 

The Clear Poly Bag

Transparent poly bags are generally used for packaging something and putting it in another box or container. Most people don’t ship directly using clear poly bags since anyone can see what is inside of them. 

The Color Poly Bag

The color polybag brings a bit of fun to your poly mailer. It offers the same support as the other poly bags while bringing a bit of fun to your mailer. These colorful designs catch the eye and are a great option if you are looking to add a little something extra to your package.

The Custom Poly Bag

Custom poly bags can be of any color or design. These bags have a complete design on them, adding a special touch to your package. Whether they say words such as “thank you,” have animal prints on them, or are specific to holidays, these custom bags are a great option.

Where Can I Buy Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers can be purchased at local packaging supply stores but are generally purchased online, especially if you want to make a bulk order. In addition, many different websites offer poly mailers


Pros and Cons of Shipping Poly Mailers

Pros and Cons of Shipping Poly Mailers

The Pros 

  • Affordability 
  • Customization
  • Protection
  • Reusable

Poly Mailers Are Affordable

Poly mailers will continue to be a huge draw, especially for eCommerce merchants who constantly ship items. This is because not only is the poly bag itself is a cheaper option, but shipping costs are also inexpensive.

You Can Customize Poly Mailers

Branding is a great way to set your product apart from any of your competitors. For example, you can customize your polybag with your logo, other brand-related images, or company colors. This personal touch is an excellent option for merchants and is noticed by the customer. 

They Offer Added Protection

Poly mailers offer an added layer of protection to items. Items already packaged can be put into a polybag to make sure your item arrives in perfect condition. Some poly bags even have bubble wrap inside of them, making them an excellent option for more fragile items.

Poly Mailers Can Be Reused

If you are eco-friendly, the thought of using a poly bag may be something you are considering. They are reusable at least once, making them an excellent option for returning items. 

The Cons of Shipping Poly Mailers 

  • Cannot Always Be Used
  • Cannot Be Used for Multiples
  • Can Rip or Tear

Can’t Be Used for Highly Breakable Items

Poly bags cannot be used for fragile items such as glass or items that can be easily damaged.

Cannot Be Used for Multiple Objects

Poly bags are not a great option if you are trying to ship multiple items at a time. The only time this may work is if the items are soft apparel and can lay flat. Otherwise, you will generally need one mailer per item.

Can Rip or Tear

If you choose to put an item into the mailer that is not meant to be shipped in it or don’t use the proper type of poly bag, your mailer can easily rip or tear during transit, therefore damaging your product.

What Can I Ship in a Poly Bag? 

Poly mailers are used to ship delicate items that generally aren’t fragile. These items include articles of clothing, bedding, phone cases, jewelry, toys, books, fabrics, or smaller products encased in other durable materials. 

There you have it! Poly mailers are a great option that meets the needs of many people wanting to ship items. There are a lot of options from size to design that make them an appealing choice. Poly mailers are an affordable alternative for shipping many types of goods to customers!
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