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The Ultimate Guide to Poly Mailers for Your E-Commerce Shipping Needs

Running an e-commerce business includes ensuring your products reach their destination in the same pristine condition as when they depart. Shipping products across the nation or worldwide in reliable packaging is a responsibility business owners shouldn’t take lightly. 

Whether you’re shipping marketing pieces, clothing, or delicate handmade items, investing in durable packaging and shipping products is necessary. There's no need to risk product damage when you can add versatile, cost-effective poly bags to your shipping protocol. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to understanding the benefits of utilizing poly mailers for your e-commerce needs. 

What are Poly Mailers?

What are Poly Mailers?

A poly mailer or poly bag is a lightweight envelope made of durable plastic. Poly mailers have tremendous benefits when it comes to meeting the shipping needs of e-commerce businesses. Poly bags come in a variety of options, from small to large, and are ideal for meeting the shipping needs of your online business. 

Are Poly bags Right for My E-Commerce Packaging Needs?

The incredible benefits of packaging products in poly bags and poly mailers make them the go-to option for many e-commerce businesses today. 

What Poly Mailers Do:
  • protect your products
  • serve as a lightweight, affordable shipping option 
  • offer an extension of your e-commerce branding
  • make an eco-friendly option your company can feel good about
  • offer versatility for shipping thousands of items

Protection for Your Products

Protecting your products and your customers’ investments are top priorities. While many assume cardboard box shipping provides the most protection in route, this is not always the case. Poly bags provide added protection from weather, accidental tears and punctures, and smashed or dented exteriors experienced by large, bulky boxes. 

Strength and Durability of Poly Mailer

As an online business, you want to avoid your goods arriving at your client's door in broken or less than perfect condition. Poly bags are designed to be a sturdy, tear-resistant shipping option you can depend on. So, what makes them so resilient? 

The materials used to create poly mailer bags are structurally different than the average plastic shopping bag you find at the store. A protective barrier of polyethylene and polypropylene is created during the production of poly mailers.

Poly mailer plastic provides resistance against ruptures, tears, and punctures. Cardboard boxes and paper mailers are more prone to accidental damage in transit.

While poly bags are designed to provide excellent durability on their own, you still have more options. Additional protection for your products can be as simple as layering packaging using a strong, clear poly bag before packaging in your poly mailer

Transparent poly bags keep your products free of dust, moisture, and other debris, adding a backup layer of protection to the interior contents of your poly mailer. Clear poly bags are also ideal for clothing shipments, keeping shirts pressed, lint-free, and presentable for your customer’s first impression upon opening. 

Our white poly mailers are made for security. Zero transparency ensures your customer’s items are secure and confidential. With additional options, including bubble-lined poly mailers and varied thicknesses, your e-commerce items may ship better.

A Lightweight, Affordable Shipping Option

Gone are the days of wasting money on shipping. Poly mailers are available to purchase through wholesale retailers, making them an affordable option that won’t eat your profits. The lightweight yet tough design of poly bags also saves you money on packaging materials and shipping costs. Just peel and seal with their self-adhesive lining! 

Poly mailers vs. Boxes

While boxes have generally been a shipping staple in every business, they aren’t necessarily the best option for all your products. For example, clothing, books, and other flat items don't warrant the need for a bulky, heavier box. Instead, you'll save money shipping these types of products in a poly bag fitted to your item’s dimensions. 

Boxes incur shipping fees according to dimensions. Carriers implement these costs to account for the weight and space your boxes will occupy on their transport carriers. Poly bags take up significantly less room and are charged by their shipping weight, saving you money.  

An Extension of Your E-Commerce Branding

Your e-commerce business may not have storefront opportunities for brand recognition, but you can still take your branding to the next level. Step up your game with branded poly mailers and interior poly bags

Reinforcing your branding through packaging offers a wealth of benefits. Build a strong brand identity for your e-commerce business the right way. 

Consistent use of your shop’s logo and brand colors across all your poly mailers and packaging can set you apar and make you recognizable. Custom branded poly bags offer several benefits to your business and clients. 

Benefits of Custom Poly Bags:


  • catch your customer’s attention 
  • reinforce your branding
  • spark recognition and curiosity 
  • make the opening ritual a more exciting experience 

Branded shipping materials make your business easily recognizable. They evoke a rush of emotions the moment a flash of your branded poly bag is seen. When your customers lay eyes on your poly mailer, they anticipate tearing into that bag to the products awaiting them inside. 

An Eco-Friendly Shipping Option


Contrary to the belief of many, plastic poly mailers can be an eco-friendly shipping option for your business. Today, many packaging companies offer environmentally conscious poly mailers.

Think back to your first thoughts upon opening a medium-sized cardboard box to find a small, single item lying inside. Did you shake your head at the waste? Did you inspect your purchase for signs of damage from the thrashing around it must have done in that oversized delivery box? 

Why You Should Choose Poly Mailers Over Boxes


  • take up less space during transport to eliminate trucks on the road
  • create an easily reusable, recyclable shipping option
  • cut down on the waste by using a poly bag that suits the product’s size

Recycling Poly Bags

Poly bags can and should be recycled, yet many mistake the material for less than eco-friendly. While it may not be as simple as recycling cardboard, it certainly can be done. 

The truth is, poly mailers are more energy efficient to produce and recycle than their paper alternatives. Poly bags are also a lighter material, making shipping more energy efficient. Want to show customers you care? Here are a few tips you can share with them on how to dispose of them properly.

Disposing Poly Bags

  • Recycle eco-friendly poly bags at a local grocery store, where most offer a collection bin for plastic grocery bags.  
  • Locate a local drop-off location by visiting this website. Simply enter your zip code to find options that are convenient for you. 

Tips for Repurposing Your Poly Bags

Reusing your eco-friendly poly bags is a great way to repurpose them before or in place of recycling. Adding a little tip card in your customer’s package is a way to show them how much you care, and they’ll remember you for it! Consider sharing some of these simple tips, too!

  1. Some poly bags feature a second adhesive strip. This is an excellent option in case your customers need to make a return or exchange. Your customers can easily repackage and reseal the poly mailer. It's also an excellent way to reuse the poly mailer when shipping a gift to a loved one or making a return to a store that did not provide this thoughtful and handy poly mailer feature.

  2. Poly mailers are well known for their strength and durability. If your poly mailers don’t offer a second adhesive strip option, the bag is still reusable. They can add a strip of shipping tape to reseal and ship it off securely with a bit of tucking and folding. Poly bags are tough enough to handle a few trips, so their items will remain secure in transit. 

Poly Mailers Offer Versatility for Shipping Thousands of Items

If you have the image of a plain white poly bag stuck in your head, think outside the box. Along with branding opportunities, poly bags come in various decorative options.

Finding Fun Designs for Exterior Packaging 

Just like we can help you select the right color poly mailer bag, we can also assist you with finding designs and patterns that match your company branding. We have plenty of poly bags with fun, colorful designs like pineapples, flamingos, and polka dots for you to spruce up your shipping packaging. 

Poly Bags with Color

Looking to change the face of the boring white poly mailer? Choose from various colors and get the same reliable protection you expect from the traditional white poly bag. Your products will arrive in style, putting a smile on your customer’s face.  

Stylish Design Choices for Your Poly Bags

You can also choose from a wide variety of expertly designed and printed poly mailers to ship your products. Set your packaging apart from other online shops with a splash of color and creativity, from playful pineapple designs to thank you phrases in different languages. Each designed poly mailer will offer reliable strength, security, and the low-cost shipping you’re looking for. 

Size and Thickness Versatility

Poly bags are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. With several sizes to choose from, your products will stay safe and snug in transit. 

Here are some of our most popular poly mailer sizes:

  • 9 x 12 inches
  • 10 x 13 inches
  • 12 x 15.5 inches
  • 5 x 19 inches
  • 19 x 24 inches

A Shipping Option for an Array of Products

Are you still wondering if your products are suited for poly mailers? Thousands of products are packaged and shipped using durable poly bags. Take a look at just a few of the e-commerce items shipping in poly bags daily, including:

Items That Ship Well in Poly Mailers

  • clothing 
  • marketing materials
  • health and wellness products
  • beauty products
  • handmade goods


If your online business ships clothing, arriving in eye-catching packaging heightens the thrill your customer feels. Aside from the excitement, their apparel will be in excellent condition when it arrives. 

Poly mailers are designed to protect apparel, as well as preserve it during transit. You can easily send out any apparel item, from sweaters to jeans, knowing your poly mailers can withstand the trip. Your clothing will arrive uncrushed or free of damage, delighting your customer upon opening. 

If you’re a reseller on sites including Poshmark or Depop, keeping your costs low is a must. You work hard to resell your listings, and poly mailers are an affordable way to package and ship your clothes to their new owners. 

They’ll also remember you when they receive their goodies in an adorable pink rose poly mailer. Besides, who wants to take up more space with boxes and supplemental packing supplies when you’re trying your best to empty your closet? 

Best Tips for Choosing Clothing Poly Bags

We are proud to serve many online clothing businesses and know what they value in their packaging options. Keeping apparel safe and looking its best upon arrival is a top priority. If you’re considering switching to poly bag options, here are some helpful tips on choosing the proper poly mailers for your items.

How to Choose the Proper Poly Mailer

  1. Select an array of sizes that will fit your customer’s purchase habits, whether purchasing one or in bulk. Sizes should accommodate your smallest and largest items, eliminating negative space when shipping smaller apparel products.  

  2. Ensure the poly mailers you are considering are durable and weather-proof to protect the customer’s clothing order.

  3. Choose a wholesale mailer company that offers clear poly bag options for additional protection from various elements, including lint, dust, and exposure to moisture. 

    Marketing Materials

    Are you an online printing company offering marketing pieces varying in size and quantity? Reduce shipping costs by packaging your customer’s marketing pieces in durable, cost-effective poly bags

    From business cards and brochures to letterheads and postcards, delivering pristine results includes undamaged delivery of the finished products. 

    Marketing pieces are protected in weather-proof poly mailers if left at the door in the rain. Can you be as confident mailing out an urgent order in your typical cardboard box? 

    Books and Other Printed Media

    Poly bags are also ideal for shipping books and other printed media your online shop offers. Choose a bag slightly larger than your items to help preserve its form during shipping. 

    The lightweight poly bags will keep costs low and get your items there safely. So, whether you're shipping textbooks, planners, or manuals, poly mailers are ideal for your business. 

    Health and Wellness Products

    If your e-commerce products are health and wellness related, poly mailers are for you! Online businesses rave about using poly mailers for reliable, low-cost shipping for the majority of their items. Package your vitamins, supplements, and nutritional powders easily in various poly bag sizes for safe transport. 

    Beauty Products

    Colorful poly mailers are a fantastic option for shipping many of your beauty products to eager clients. While some products, such as perfumes and toners, travel better in alternative packaging, poly mailers are perfect for the majority of your beauty items. Package less bulky items in your poly mailers, including: 

    Makeup that Ships Well in Poly Bags

    • mascara
    • lipstick and gloss
    • sheet masks 
    • pore strips
    • color palettes
    • makeup brushes

    Handmade Goods

    Ask handmade good fans how they receive the majority of their orders, and they're sure to say by poly mailer. This low-cost, protective option is beneficial for thousands of Etsy sellers and crafters. To keep shipping costs low, make the switch to affordable poly packaging. 

    Add your branding and send your items off in sturdy poly bags. Some of the less fragile items that ship well in poly mails include:

    • cloth or clothlike goods, including blankets, quilts, and clothing
    • knitted items
    • printables, including stickers, planners, and homeschool materials
    • small jewelry items in pouches
    • personalized phone or device cases


    Three Poly Mailer Bags Your Online Shop Needs

    Three Poly Mailer Bags Your Online Shop Needs

    There are three essential poly bags every online business should have on hand for their shipping needs. To ensure the proper delivery of your products, from apparel to health and beauty items, send your items layered with love and protection. 

    Three Must-Have Poly Bags:

    1. exterior poly mailer
    2. clear poly mailer
    3. clear warning bags 

      Top Benefits of Clear Poly Bags

      Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of using clear poly bags for your products. Clear poly bags add an additional layer of protection. Even before shipment, you can easily prepare your apparel or supplements in a clear poly mailer

      This pre-packaging step helps shield the purchased product from moisture, lint, or dirt as it awaits packaging. The clear design allows you to see precisely what ready to send and what items may be missing.  

      Clear poly bags are made of virgin plastic material, making them flexible and easy to stretch when necessary. No matter what you’re shipping, you’ll sleep well knowing this extra layer is providing a blanket of protection as it travels to your customer. 

      Unlike using a cellophane wrap, clear poly bags typically include self-adhesive closures for maximum cost efficiency and convenience. They are also reusable, whether your customer needs to return an item or repurposes the bag for other needs. 

      Adding this interior protective layer shows your customers you care enough to go the extra mile. It boasts a level of TLC other shops may not be taking advantage of. So isn't exceeding your customer’s expectations worth investing in?


      Why You Need Pre-Printed Warning Poly Bags

      Your customer’s satisfaction should also include their safety. Packaging, whether boxes and bubble wrap or clear poly bags, can pose a danger to any household. 

      Utilizing a clear warning bag provides a suffocation warning label and should be clearly printed in different languages. The warning bags caution customers about the suffocation dangers for children and pets associated with plastic packaging and plastic bags.

      Retailer Warnings and Safety Requirements 

      While some online retailers already require warning labels in some form, consider amending your shipping policies for optimized safety. For example, you'll find our clear warning poly bags meet Amazon’s FBA seller requirements and provide warnings in three languages. If you partner with other online retailers to sell your products, research their policies and requirements on packaging and safety. 


       Packaging Tips for Your Poly Bag


      Packaging Tips for Your Poly Bag

      Packing your products correctly is vital. By maintaining the integrity of your package, you help ensure a happy repeat customer with glowing reviews. 

      Helpful Tips for Securing Items in Poly Bags:

      • Pre-measure your products to determine the best poly bag size. Remember to measure the width, length, and depth.
      • To avoid unnecessary movement, choose a poly mailer that is only a few inches larger than the products you are shipping.
      • Package your products in a clear poly bag and warning bag first, then place them into the poly mailer
      • When necessary, choose a bubble-lined poly mailer or use bubble wrap or tissue paper to minimize movement. 
      • Seal your poly mailer securely with the self-adhesive flap.

      Free Shipping Tips to Consider 

      Each business sets its shipping rates differently. Offering free shipping is one route many choose to utilize as a promotional offering. Let’s take a look at what free shipping can mean for your business and bottom line.  

      Is Free Shipping a Good Idea?

      So, how do you stand out among the sea of brick-and-mortar retail stores and online shops? While more and more people turn to online shopping, there are a variety of options to consider. Consumers want the best deal when they make a purchase, and free shipping can often be an attractive offer. Yet, is it a good idea for your business?

      Weigh Your Pros and Cons

      Consider your business goals, needs, and financial position. Then, look at the bigger picture to help determine if a promotional free shipping offer or permanent policy makes sense to your bottom line at this time. 

      Here’s a helpful checklist to get you started:

      • Are you a small business brand new to the e-commerce game? 
      • Are your shipping supply costs low? 
      • If not, can you adjust your shipping supply orders to accommodate free shipping offers to customers? 
      • What are the shipping rates of your competitors?
      • Have you tested a free shipping offer and seen a spike in orders?

      The Truth About Free Shipping Offers

      For many shoppers, free shipping offers send them flocking to sites. Unfortunately, creates a habit of only shopping during sales or free shipping promos. 

      On the one hand, shopping online removes the need to find time to drive to the mall, spend hours browsing, and still possibly leave empty-handed. With the option to browse leisurely online from the comfort of your couch and purchase without spending gas or shipping money, people are more inclined to buy more. So, what do the stats tell us?

      Stats About Free Shipping Offers

      Nine out of ten customers share they are more likely to complete their online purchase if they offer free shipping.

      Roughly thirty of the most prominent e-commerce merchants account for over 50% of orders shipped free of charge.

      Customers report free shipping offers are twice as compelling as receiving a promotional percentage off of their purchase. 

      What Shoppers Are Thinking

      It’s essential to consider that the average online shopper reconsiders the amount of their entire purchase based on shipping costs. Delivery charges affect their willingness to commit to completing checkout during their initial online visit. In some cases, high delivery fees are why they don’t even make it to your website to browse, let alone the checkout page.

      Tips to Make Free Shipping Possible

      If free shipping is an offer you’d like to utilize to attract and retain your ideal customers, we’d love to help you obtain that goal. There are a few ways you can afford to offer this promising incentive to increase sales and repeat customers:

      • Purchase your office and shipping supplies through reputable wholesale companies. 
      • Switch to poly mailers for most, if not all, of your shipping. 
      • Increase your prices. 
      • Offer free shipping with a minimum purchase price or minimum item requirement. 
      • Research shipping carriers to ensure you’re using the most affordable options. 
      • Offer free shipping with a membership, referral, or loyalty rewards program.
      • Offer free returns to ease concerns about the customer’s purchase. 


      Packaging Tips for Your Poly Bag

      Shopping for Shipping Carriers

      Shipping carriers aren't one-size-fits-all, although it would be nice! Shopping around for your best carrier options can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve done the bulk of the work for you. 

      First, look through some of the highlights of what each carrier can offer your online business. While there are many great options, it’s vital to choose carriers that can best meet the needs of your business and customers. 

      Three Primary Shipping Options in the US

      The big three, UPS, FedEx, and USPS, likely offer the most value and reliability for your e-commerce needs. We'll give you a rundown on each company with an array of shipping options to fit your needs.

      Shipping with FedEx

      FedEx is an affordable option and offers products and services from packaging supplies to shipping and printing. In addition, if your business includes alcohol, FedEx is the only one of the three carriers that will ship your products directly to your customer using the Shipping Manager label creator. 

      Shipping with UPS

      UPS offers shipping options in windows as little as hours with the use of their Express Critical service. In addition, you may appreciate their 7-days a week, 24-hour customer service availability. UPS can also assist with any of your print service needs at many of their local locations.

      Shipping with USPS

      USPS is the only carrier able to deliver to every address in the nation, including residence, businesses, and PO Box addresses. As a result, USPS can be an excellent choice with more affordable rates than UPS or FedEx, especially if your products are under two pounds. 

      Shipping Costs and Delivery Speed

      It's essential to mention shipping rates and delivery times can vary based on many factors. Even the city you are shipping to and from can factor in rate changes amongst the three carriers. 

      Here’s a peek at a few shipping rate comparisons, selecting ground delivery for a 2-pound package. 

      LA to NYC

      • FedEx Ground: $12.73 with a 4-day estimate
      • UPS Ground: $13.61 with a 4-day estimate 
      • USPS Ground: $12.98 with a 6-day estimate

      Yet, when we opt for a 3-day express delivery option, here’s what we find:

      • FedEx Express Saver: $32.01
      • UPS 3-Day Select: $30.41 
      • USPS Priority Mail 2-Day: $14.35

      Spend some time comparing rates and services to ensure you’re aware of all your best options. 

      Additional Tips to Make Shipping Easy

      We want to help you make the most economical and efficient choices for your shipping needs. From cutting costs to being prepared, there is a lot to consider. Here are a few additional tips we love to arm our customers with. 

      Why Consider Switching to Wholesale Supplies?

      If you aren’t using a wholesale supply company yet, know who you are using. Then, do a quick search to see how your costs compare to other companies. 

      You can easily save more money by cutting out the middle-man and purchasing packaging and shipping supplies from trusted wholesaler experts like Shop4Mailers. Then, when you purchase in bulk, you can stock up on shipping supply necessities while keeping costs to a minimum. 

      What Additional Shipping Supplies Does My Business Need? 

      As an online retailer, there are a handful of essentials that you should have on hand to ensure your products reach their destinations on time and in excellent condition. Our number one suggestion? Shipping labels are a must! 

      If you’re shipping frequently, it’s time to consider investing in labels that will make your life easier.  Your business can run more smoothly with easy-to-use self-adhesive shipping labels. These handy labels come in a matte white finish and can easily be customized and fed through your printer. This is an investment that will save you time for mass address labeling.

      Save Space with Poly Mailers

      Storing shipping supplies can easily take up valuable space. Space is vital whether you have a dedicated packaging area, storeroom, or use your home closet to keep shipping materials. 

      Switching most, if not all, your shipping materials to poly mailers saves you space and money! Think of the cuts you can make in bubble wrap storage, rolls of tape, and thick, bulky boxes. 

      Isn’t it time your online business made the switch to reliable, cost-efficient poly mailers?
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