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Protecting Your Products with Strong Poly Mailer Bags

When you're shipping your products across the nation, the last thing you want is for them to arrive at your customer's doorstep in damaged, broken, or otherwise poor condition. Build durability into your shipping methodology with sturdy, tear-resistant packaging products and shipping materials. 

To avoid the risk of damaged goods and uphold the integrity of your products, consider adding poly mailer bags to your shipping supply shopping list. These poly bags are tough, cost-effective, and versatile. 

What Determines Poly Bag Strength? 

Are you wondering what makes poly bags strong? The plastic material in poly mailer bags is structurally different from your average grocery store bag. There are two types of materials that are mainly used in poly bags: polyethylene and polypropylene. Both materials are stiffer.

The plastic material of poly bags is resistant to tears, ruptures, and punctures. You can also add additional protection to one by choosing ones with more thickness or a bubble lining. If you are currently using envelope packages for your products, consider making the switch to poly bags

Poly mailers are ideal for non-fragile items and even come in clear. 

Packaging Your Poly Mailer

Choosing strong poly bags and packaging your contents correctly is key in maintaining the integrity of your package. For example, suppose a product is too loose within a poly mailer or other external package type. In that case, there is more room for it to slide and move around during transit, potentially damaging the interior contents. 

Follow these steps to ensure proper product packaging: 

Step 1 - Pre-measure product to have an idea of width, length, and depth

Step 2 - Choose a poly mailer that is only a few inches larger than the product

Step 3 - Use bubble wrap, a clear poly bag, tissue, or other packaging products to minimize negative space within the poly mailer

Step 4 - Tightly seal the poly mailer’s self-adhesive flap

If you're interested in optimizing your packaging, check out how to create a packaging station for quick and effective wrapping. 

What Can I Pack in a Poly Bag

One of the benefits of choosing poly mailers is their versatility. These mailers can fit a wide variety of products. So, no matter what type of products you offer in your ecommerce shop, poly bags are likely to be an excellent fit. But, of course, the ideal items for shipping in poly mailer bags are any non-fragile items. 

Here are a few everyday items that poly mailers house during shipping: 

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Home decor
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Makeup

No matter what kind of item you are shipping, we can help you choose the right poly mailer

Why Poly Mailers are a Must-Have for Shipping Materials

Aside from being durable and versatile shipping materials, poly mailers are beneficial for many other reasons. The lightweight material is strong enough to protect your contents but light enough to keep your shipping costs low. These mailers are also weather-proof, so you don't have to worry about encountering harsh weather conditions such as snow or water.

Poly mailers are storage-friendly, which is excellent because our products are available in bulk and at cost. So, if you're looking to fill your storage locker or packaging station with poly bags, you don't have to increase your workspace. 

The mailers can also be re-used by sealing the package with packaging tape and covering the existing label with a fresh one. 

Who Can Use Poly Bags for Shipping?

The great thing about poly bags is that everyone can use them. Ecommerce businesses will likely benefit the most from a wholesale purchase of poly mailer bags, but standard shipping can be done with these economical, lightweight mailers as well. So, if you're a gift-giver or stocking up for the holiday season, consider checking out our collection of white, color, and poly bags with designs. 

Going to the Extra Mile for Package Protection

A poly mailer is durable enough on its own to protect your product contents, but if you want extra protection, you can undoubtedly add more layers to your poly mailer

For example, bubble wrap is ideal for packaging fragile items without adding heavy, bulky supplies that increase shipping costs. Check out the pros and cons of bubble wrap to see if including this extra protective packaging is suitable for your businesses' products. 

Clear poly mailers keep dust, moisture, and other debris out of the interior contents of your poly bag. If you have a shirt that you want to keep lint-free, pressed, and fresh for the customer, adding a clear poly mailer is a must. 

Protect More and Pay Less

Cut out the cost of the middle-man by purchasing your shipping supplies from a wholesaler. By buying in bulk, you can stock up on necessary shipping supplies, all while keeping costs low. When it comes to saving money on shipping, we understand that every dollar saved adds up.  

What Shipping Supplies Do I Need? 

When it comes to shipping supplies, there are a few basics that every ecommerce retailer needs. We discussed how poly mailer bags protect your items, but there are a few other essentials that you may want to jot down for your online order. Shipping labels, especially labels that can be fed through a printer, are necessary for mass address labeling.

Transparent poly bags with warning labels or stickered suffocation warning labels are essential when working with online retailers. Some states and online storefronts may require the use of these warnings as small plastic bags pose a choking risk to children. 

The cost of shipping materials with warning labels is no match to your customers' peace of mind and protection, which is why we recommend adding these warning labels to your shipping supply stock. 

While warning labels help keep your customers protected, strong packaging like poly mailer bags will keep their items safe as well. In addition, finding the right shipping methods can help keep your business protected and running smoothly. Learn more about which shipping methods are best for your business, and get ready to save some money! 

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