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How Do I Find the Best Clothing Mailers?

How Do I Find the Best Clothing Mailers?

Do you own an ecommerce clothing business? When looking to maximize your shipping quality and ensure that your clothing items arrive safely, sometimes all of the different options can become a bit overwhelming. Let’s get started by reviewing the best mailers for shipping clothing.


What to Look for in a Clothing Mailer

Whether you just opened up shop or you have an existing ecommerce clothing business, there is no better time to explore which clothing mailers are best for your business. You don’t have to stress and wonder where you should begin - Shop4Mailers are your shipping experts, and we are here to help.

Poly mailers are an excellent option for shipping clothing. Whether you’re shipping out one t-shirt or a few bulkier items, poly mailers fit the bill. Here are some reasons why these are the best shipping materials for your ecommerce clothing business:

  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple sizes
  • Self-sealing clothing mailers
  • Wholesale availability


These mailers are arguably the best of both worlds being light in weight and having a material that will protect your products. With different size variations and wholesale availability, keeping these mailers stocked for shipping ensures you will be covered no matter the size of the order, and at a better cost.

If you’re still unsure about poly mailers for your business, learn more about how you can pick the right mailer.


I’ve Picked My Clothing Mailer, Now What?

Say you’ve found the right mailer for your business, and now you are wondering what else you need. Don’t fret - we’ve got you covered!

Clear poly bags add an additional layer of protection during the transit process, keeping clothing safe from dust, moisture, and water.

Complete your shipping needs with easy-to-use self-adhesive shipping labels. These come in a matte white finish and are ready for customization at the printer.

Whether you prefer white, colored, or fun designs for your poly bags, we will have an option that suits your business.


The Best Way to Ship Clothing

Great news - you’ve found all of your shipping supplies. Now it’s time to get started! Let’s walk through the ideal shipping process using your new mailers and other supplies:

  1. Set up a shipping station - Be sure you have ample space to work with and have your supplies on-hand and organized.
  2. Fold the clothing item(s) - Make sure folds are flat, clean, and tight - not bulky.
  3. Use clear poly bags - Fold each clothing item in a clear poly bag and seal.
  4. Prepare for the mailer - Put each covered item in the poly mailer. Be sure to stack clothes on top of each other so that the package is as flat as possible.
  5. Tightly seal - Use the mailer’s self-sealing technology to secure the items in their clothing mailers. Make sure there is minimal gapping at the seal.
  6. Customize shipping labels - Prepare your shipping label and neatly apply it to the poly mailer.
  7. Ship it!


We hope these steps make shipping your clothing items easier. 

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