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Five Reasons You Need Poly Mailers for Shipping Small Items

They say the best things in life come in small packages - but how do you make sure your small package arrives safely?

Top five reasons why wholesale poly mailers are best for shipping small items:

  1. Durability and security
  2. Variety of sizes available
  3. Easy to ship
  4. Affordable
  5. Reusable


Durability and Security 

Poly mailers are both lightweight and durable, making them a perfect packaging choice for shipping softer items. These mailers protect your package from any dirt, moisture, or debris that could otherwise come into contact with your product during the shipping process. The plastic material is both durable and flexible and will protect against any rips, pokes, and tears that might occur during transport. 

No matter what color mailer you choose, you will have a sense of security knowing that there is zero transparency to see through to the product. With any of our wholesale poly mailers, the interior lining and exterior shell reinforces security, so that no wandering eyes can see through to the items inside. 

Explore our collection of white poly mailers to learn more about how these mailers will give you confidence that your item will be protected during transit and arrive intact. 


Size and Padding Thickness

Protect your products in our white poly mailers for delicate and smaller items with our smallest sized bag in 6 x 9 inches. When it comes to larger items, we’ve got you covered too with envelopes ranging from to 9 x 12 inches to 19 x 24 inches. Aside from the size of your product, you also have the option to change the thickness of your poly mailer padding. Adding more padding will give you confidence and comfort when shipping delicate or fragile items. 


Shipping Ease

Poly mailers have an easy-peel and self-seal tab that makes the packaging process much more manageable by eliminating the need to use packaging tape. The self-sealing envelope allows you to package and seal in one easy step - adding ease and quickness. 

To learn more about making this process less timely and more organized, see how you can set up a shipping station for your business with these tips:

  • Create a designated shipping area 
  • The area should store all necessary shipping supplies but be easily accessible 
  • Keep area neat and organized, even when not in use


Affordability of Poly Mailers

White poly mailers can be a more affordable option for small products in comparison to other cardboard alternatives. The benefit of having different sizes to add to your variety and wholesale availability makes these mailers appealing for shipping small items. Buying wholesale poly mailers will help keep costs low and ensure you have enough stock to keep those shipments rolling out. 

When it comes to poly mailers, you have many options for colors and designs - keep things simple and low cost with white poly mailers. 

Check out how you can lower your business costs by buying in bulk and explore wholesale poly mailers for your shipping needs. 



If the last four reasons weren’t enough to convince you of the benefits of poly mailers, these products can also be reused. Your customers also have the option to recycle their white poly mailers. You can learn about eco-friendly mailers to see how you can be environmentally conscious in your shipping process. 


About Shop4Mailers

At Shop4Mailers, we are committed to providing you with products that add ease to your shipping experience, and we want to give you the information to help you pick the right mailer. Whether it’s poly mailers, clear poly bags, or shipping labels, we want you to know that we have your back. 

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