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What Kind of Wholesale Mailer Should I Use?

What Kind of Wholesale Mailer Should I Use?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned as a result of this pandemic, it’s that if you want to be successful in the retail space, you have to have online options. Ecommerce has never been bigger than it is in a COVID-19 world, and shipping is a huge part of any ecommerce business. If packaging and shipping products is a big part of your business, you probably already know about poly mailers.

Poly mailers are a versatile option to safely get your products from point A to point B in a cost-effective manner. Like any other product, poly mailers come in different styles that work most effectively in different ways. Let’s talk about what poly mailer to use when.


When Should I Use White Poly Mailers?

By far, the most common style of wholesale mailers are white poly bags, and for good reason. They are the no-nonsense option made from a durable, tear-resistant, and water-resistant plastic. We suggest white wholesale mailers for any type of business that ships almost any kind of product. From t-shirts to important documents, as long as your item is not super fragile, a white poly mailer is a suitable choice.


When Should I Use Clear Poly Mailers?

Clear poly mailers are great for added protection from moisture and other damage. We suggest using them when you are putting multiple products in one package, especially if one of those products contains liquid. Another time you should utilize clear poly mailers is for storage and organization of your inventory. Keep things tidy, clean, and free from damage while also helping to expedite the packaging process.


When Should I Use Clear Warning Label Poly Mailers?

Wholesale mailers that are clear and come printed with a suffocation warning are helpful when you need to abide by ecommerce fulfillment policies, or to protect your company from liability should something happen. Use these warning bags in the same applications as above.

Already have clear wholesale mailers on hand, but like the idea of adding a suffocation warning? Check out our warning labels that you can place on any of our mailers for the same protection.


When Should I Use Colored or Designed Poly Mailers?

When you want to create a fluid brand experience, from product to packaging, use wholesale mailers that come in bright colors and designs. You can say a lot about your company’s style with the way a package looks. Don’t be afraid to dive into the world of Instagram influencers and create a fun unboxing experience that starts with the first look of your package.

Shop4Mailers cares about the success of your ecommerce business. We are a company born out of the desire to make a better shipping experience for business owners everywhere. For a decade, we learned the ins and outs of packaging and shipping, and we aim to share our wisdom so that you can provide your customers with a  great shipping experience and forgo the mistakes that happen when you have to figure out ecommerce shipping on your own. With Shop4Mailers, we’re here to help along the way!

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