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Clear Bags for Shipping

Clear Bags for Shipping

The shipping process is critical for any ecommerce business - it can quite literally make or break your products. Whether in storage or transit, we want you to help keep your products protected. Adding clear poly bags to your mail supplies is one way to add a layer of protection to your items.


Stay Protected with Poly Bags

We know how important it is to keep your items protected during shipping for business or everyday use. Transparent poly bags are an excellent item to add to your shipping supply shelf. Poly bags offer protection during the shipping process with these benefits:

  • Durable material - Plastic construction will hold up during transit
  • Items arrive clean and in-tact - Keep out dirt, dust, and any other debris
  • Protection from the elements - Don’t worry about water or moisture when using any of our poly bags


Our clear poly bags are an excellent alternative to cellophane bags. These clear bags are durable yet transparent, so your view is not obstructed - making them a perfect item for storage. Keep your products protected and shop our collection of clear bags.


The Versatility of Clear Bags

Whether for professional or personal use, you can find a variety of uses for these clear bags such as retail, storage, or gifting. Our clear bags are flexible and stretchy yet strong. They come in multiple sizes to fit your shipping needs. With self-sealing technology, these poly bags add ease to the packaging process.

Consider adding clear bags to your shipping supply stock. With wholesale mail supplies, you can save on cost and gain on quantity with one order.

Learn more about how you can use a clear poly bag for all of your shipping, storage, and retail needs.


Why are Warning Bags Important?

As important as it is for your items to arrive safely, it is equally essential to keep your customers safe and protected. Consider learning about the laws that may require you to include warning and suffocation labels on your clear bags.

There are several benefits to including clear warning bags in shipments:

  • Alert customers to suffocation dangers
  • Printed suffocation warning in English, Spanish, and French
  • Meet Amazon FBA seller requirements


It is vital to the safety of your customers to understand the suffocation hazard of plastic bags, such as keeping the bags away from small children and pets.

The requirements for warning and suffocation labels vary per state. Learn more to see if you need to include warnings on your packages.


More on Mail Supplies

Shop4Mailers carries a wide variety of mail supplies, so you are sure to find the right mailer for all of your shipping needs.

We want to help keep your products protected and customers safe. For poly bags, warning labels, and more - we have you covered. Don’t forget to check out our shipping labels, too!

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