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Why are Poly Mailer Bags Crucial for FBA Sellers?

Amazon’s FBA program has specific requirements for shipping your products. Poly mailers must be used to protect your products while they are in the care of Amazon at their fulfillment centers. As stated above, mailers play a vital part in protecting your products from dirt, debris, and inclement weather. Because of this, Amazon knows that your product will stay protected until it leaves its hands.

It's important to note the regulations Amazon has put in place regarding poly mailers. If regulations aren’t followed, Amazon will charge you a fee to repackage your items properly. Therefore, failure to meet regulations can result in Amazon refusing to hold your inventory.

3 Great Types of Poly Mailer Bags for Amazon FBA:

  • Clear Cellophane Bag
  • Resealable Suffocation Warning Clear Bag
  • Permanent Suffocation Warning Clear Bag

Poly Mailer Bags Are a Great Marketing Tool

Poly mailers have become a great way for customers to promote their brand right on the packaging. Adding a personal touch to your mailer helps create the ideal customer experience.

Custom Branding

Amazon’s FBA service is generally filled with customers using the white, non-customized poly mailers when shipping products. However, poly mailers are the perfect way to enhance your brand. Mailers allow for customization and branding, creating the perfect marketing journey from start to finish.

While a company’s brand can be defined by many things, its colors and logo stand out above all. Take Target, for example: Just about anyone you ask can recognize the company’s big red logo. Since they’ve added their logo to their poly mailer bags, you can see that red bullseye and know your package has arrived before you even open it.

Start by customizing your packaging to match your company colors and add your logo if it fits your brand. This is an easy way to up the wow factor of your products, market your company, and ensure that your company’s brand is visible to everyone that comes in contact with your package during transit.

  • Apr 28, 2022
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