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The Complete Guide to Shipping With Poly Mailers

The Complete Guide to Shipping With Poly Mailers

Whether you’re an ecommerce business or avid online shopper, there’s no doubt you’ve come into contact with poly mailer bags. These poly mailer bags are a great alternative to using cardboard boxes for so many reasons, including being a lightweight package option. If you are looking to save money when it comes to shipping, there is a lot to learn about the durability and protection that poly mailer bags offer.

With wholesale shipping supplies, businesses can purchase supplies, like poly mailers, for a lower cost at a higher volume. Whether you are an ecommerce business or ship a lot in your personal life, poly mailers are an excellent option to consider when it comes to packaging for shipping a variety of items.


All About Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are an excellent packaging alternative to bulky cardboard boxes. This packaging is lightweight, making it a very economical option for shipping by allowing for a smaller, lighter size and weight compared to many boxes.

Poly mailers are an excellent option for ecommerce business or someone sending a lot of shipments because of these qualities:

  • Self-sealing
  • Durable material
  • Tear and puncture-resistant
  • Multiple sizes
  • Color and style variety


The secure seal closure makes packaging a breeze and eliminates the need for an additional supply of tape. The plastic poly mailer material is flexible yet sturdy, with the ability to resist any punctures, tears, or other damage during delivery. You will be able to find a mailer that suits all of your shipping needs with multiple sizes. These poly mailers come in plain white, but you can opt for a different color or design to make your packaging stand out. 


Unique Poly Mailers

Our poly mailer bags come in plain white, a variety of colors, and plenty of designs to suit your individual or brand needs. These fun colors and decorative designs are great for drawing a bit of extra attention to your mailer. You can also use these colors and styles to echo or reinforce your company's branding. You can use poly mailers as a makeshift gift-wrapping when sending presents or products through the mail with designs including pineapples, flamingos, stripes, polka dots, and more. These vibrant mailer bags will be sure to put a smile on the face of your recipient. If you opt for a white poly mailer bag, you will reap the same benefits of having a durable, puncture-resistant, and lightweight mailer. 


Safe and Secure Packaging

These poly mailers are available in fun designs and colors, but they also benefit by keeping your packages safe and secure. No matter what exterior poly mailer you choose, the mailer's interior will keep your products secure from any wandering eyes. Regardless of the contents, we want to make sure your package is as safe and confidential as possible. With the thick material used in our poly mailer bags, you can feel good about keeping curious eyes away from your packaging.


Sizing Up the Right Mailer

At Shop4Mailers, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to shipping. We offer a variety of poly mailers in different sizes to adjust your packaging based on your current needs. A poly mailer will fit all of your packaging needs with sizes ranging from six by nine inches to 19 x 14 inches. Poly mailers are ideal for keeping smaller items secure, but this flexible material can even fit bulkier items like sweatshirts. Before you package, measure your product and add additional room for wrappings like bubble wrap or a clear poly bag.

Without being overly tight, you will want to find a mailer that closest fits the package for a snug and secure seal. If you are using additional materials such as tissue paper or adding any product cards or add-on items, you will also want to account for this in the final size. No matter the size of your package, you can take steps to package your poly mailer for shipment properly. Let's learn more about how to pack a poly mailer.

Besides the size of your product, you also have the option to change the thickness of your poly mailer padding. Adding more padding, like a bubble-wrapped interior, will give you confidence and comfort when shipping more delicate items. We recommend using poly mailers when shipping non-fragile items since this packaging is ideal for a lightweight, economical shipping practice. Regardless of what you are looking for in a mailer, we are confident you will find the right poly mailer for your business needs.


Shipping Ease

To make packing your poly mailers more efficient, consider the setup of a packing and shipping station. Having a dedicated area to complete this part of the process helps ensure you are organized and can quickly and effectively package as orders come in or all at once. The station should have ample workspace that remains cleared off while not in use. All shipping supplies should be neatly organized and easy to see. Consider using clear organization bins or appropriately placed shelves to see which supplies you have in stock. This organization technique will also help to quickly spot a low supply of shipping materials before running out. Like the packing supplies, you will also want to keep your products nearby and organized as well. Ideally your printer should be in close proximity, or you can pre-print all of your labels beforehand if this is not an option. 


Packing Poly Mailers

After you have found the right mailer for you, it's time to start packaging. Before you ship anything off for delivery, it's essential to consider that you've taken the proper steps to package your products for optimal safety and security during transit. Improper packaging can lead to a damaged product or a waste of shipping materials.

Packing tips for poly mailers:

  • Use a mailer with the closest dimensions to your package contents.
  • Use filler to prevent empty room in package contents.
  • Wrap each item individually within the package.
  • Use a secondary protective material.


Fill any empty room or space with filler to limit movement during transit within the package. The less movement in the package, the less likely it is to become damaged. Consider adding another layer of protection with bubble wrap, clear poly bags, or other protective material. This secondary protection will help to protect the product from any water, dust, or other debris. You can also use filler to fill empty spaces, which will prevent the gift from excess movement within its packaging.

Once you have your shipping station set up, you will be able to pack your orders straightforwardly. First, neatly fold or arrange items to keep items as flat and tight as possible. You might add decorative packaging such as tissue paper or ribbons at this step. Using clear poly bags, wrap the item for extra coverage. If you are packaging multiple items, put each item in the poly mailer one at a time, making sure that any stacking does not become overly bulky - try to keep items as flat as possible. Tightly seal the poly mailer without gapping at the seal. Minimal gaping will help to keep out dust, water, and other debris. Once your item is packaged and sealed, you can attach your printed shipping label.

After these steps, your package will be ready for shipment. Once you have prepared your shipping station, you will learn what does and does not work for your packing and shipping process. The beauty of creating your station is that you can customize it and optimize your processes as you see fit. For more on the packaging, check out our best practices.


Eco-Friendly Shipping

If these reasons were not enough to convince you of the benefits of poly mailers bags, these products could also have a second life. Reuse and reusability is a priority for a lot of businesses and customers. Because of their plastic material, our mailers are recyclable. Like other plastic products you may have, simply take the mailer bags to any drop-off plastic recycling program, similar to those found at Target shopping stores. Reuse poly mailers for shipping by merely placing your item in the bag and folding over the raw edges. Since the self-sealing adhesive is a one-time use, you will have to secure the package edges using tape. After the poly mailer has been secured and sealed, just apply a shipping label, and this can be shipped like any other item.

For more eco-friendly shipping, you can also opt for the following packaging materials: biodegradable packaging and recycled cardboard. Biodegradable packaging, such as packing air peanuts, are not made with expanded polystyrene foam (EPS).   EPS is a standard filler that has slowly begun to phase out the use of packaging materials because of its harm to individual health and the environment. The biodegradable peanut filler has a material that allows for quick disintegration. 

Corrugated or recycled cardboard is an excellent alternative to bubble wrap but without the plastic material, which can take hundreds of years to break down. There is also an alternative packaging using mushrooms. This method allows for compostable, easy-to-use, and effective shipping materials like poly mailers bags. To learn more about eco-friendly shipping, check out our comprehensive guide to reusability recycle shipping products.


More Shipping Must-Haves

Aside from our poly mailers, there are more supplies that you will need to streamline your shipping process and add ease and security to packaging. No matter what kind of products you are shipping, it's crucial to have a bulk supply, especially for busy seasons. All of these products are available with wholesale supply and lower cost, making this buying decision a no-brainer. Here are some of our top must-haves when it comes to shipping supplies:


Shipping labels are necessary for any kind of packaging. With self-adhesive labels in a matte white finish, you can give all of your packages a clean and professional shipping label. Clear poly bags provide a secondary barrier between the product and the external packaging. These bags help to protect the product from water and debris. These clear poly bags are also available with suffocation warnings or a paper label, which some retailers require when shipping. Protect your business and your customers and learn more about why these warning labels are critical to include. Use address labels to create a bulk stock of pre-labeled returned addresses for your business. You can also create custom labels to give each of your packages a signature stamp.


The Benefits of Wholesale Shipping Supplies

Our wholesale poly mailer shipping supplies are a cost-efficient option for any business. When buying wholesale products, you can keep costs low as you are purchasing the item at-cost and not having to pay the additional expense of a middle-man retailer. With wholesale, the more you buy, the more you save. Everything comes down to the bottom line for any-sized business and exploring options that can save your company money without sacrificing quality.

Our wholesale poly mailers and other shipping products offer all business owners cost savings by lowering the per-unit cost of shipping supplies. Having extra poly mailers on hand ensures you won’t run out and will be able to keep up with the demand of your products at any time. If you’re looking to improve your shipping cost, check out this guide to buying wholesale.


The Shipping Experts

With your friends at Shop4Mailers, we are committed to providing you with products that add ease to your shipping experience. Whether it’s poly mailers, clear poly bags, or shipping labels, we’re here to help you make the most of your shipping supplies by offering high-quality products at lower cost. With our expertise and product line, there is no doubt that you will find the right products for your business needs, allowing you to streamline your shipping process. From mailers to labels, let Shop4Mailers be your one-stop wholesale shipping supply shop. 

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