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Holiday Packaging and Shipping Guide

Holiday Packaging and Shipping Guide

The holiday season comes creeping up on us so fast that sometimes we find ourselves making a mad dash to the shopping mall. With the increased popularity of ecommerce, you can do your shopping from the comfort of your own home, even if it is last minute. For all of your holiday packaging and shipping needs, Shop4Mailers is here to offer our expertise. From poly mailers, packaging gifts, last-minute shipping services, and more, we have put together the ultimate packing and shipping guide to help you out this holiday season.


Poly Mailers

Bulky cardboard boxes, thick rolls of tape, and excessive filler are a thing of the past. Packaging gifts and products has become so much more comfortable with poly mailer bags. Having poly mailers as your go-to shipping packaging can fit a variety of gifts this holiday season.

No matter the reason or the season, there are plenty of things we love about poly mailers:

  • Self-sealing
  • Flexible
  • Sturdy material
  • Tear and puncture-resistant
  • Multiple sizes
  • Colors and style variety

These poly mailer bags are opaque and will keep your products inside private from any porch pirates. No matter which color or design you choose, you can be sure that these poly mailers will give the same fun style as a packaged gift. If you're looking for the perfect package to safely ship all of your holiday gifts, check our best-selling poly mailers and other shipping supplies.


Which Poly Mailer Do I Use?

With so many sizes and color options, you might need some help getting started to find the right mailer for your holiday package. For smaller gifts like jewelry and trinkets, try our smallest-sized poly mailer, measuring six by nine inches. When it comes to bulkier gifts, you don't necessarily have to buy the most substantial mailer bag, which is 19 x 24 inches, since you want the items to be a bit snug in the packaging. The flexible material will also help to fit more products with less packaging. From clothing to jewelry, poly mailer bags are an excellent packaging option for shipping in any season.


Package Gifts for Shipment

No matter what you are shipping, there are some general guidelines to follow when it comes to packaging your gifts in preparation for shipment. Depending on which shipping service you use, you will have varying weight and size restrictions. When measuring your package, you will want to measure the length and girth of your package first. The girth is the width and height of each side of the package combined.

When it comes to packing your gift, here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose a mailer that will fit your items snugly, but not overly tight
  • Wrap each item individually within the package
  • Use filler to eliminate any space
  • Use a secondary protective material.


Consider extra protection during shipping and make sure you package with either bubble wrap, clear poly bags, or some other protective material. This secondary protection will help to protect the product from any water, dust, or other debris. You can also use filler to fill empty spaces, which will prevent the gift from excess movement within its packaging. 


Sending Gifts

When you're getting ready to send your gifts, it's essential to stay organized, especially if you have a long list of shipments. When it comes to preparing, we recommend setting up a packaging and shipping station. The shipping station should have a clear view of all of the necessary packaging products like poly mailer bags, fillers, and more. The printer should also be nearby to easily print shipping labels and apply them to the prepared package. If you're looking to beat the holiday rush of the shopping mall, consider purchasing a wholesale supply of our shipping labels to send all of your packages to your gift recipients instead. Like any typical holiday season, you may create a gift wrapping station that, with a few additions, can be turned into a packaging station as well!

When sending gifts, you can create pre-made address labels that will help the packaging process go faster. You can also create return labels to give more information to your recipient. Our address labels are self-adhesive with a matte white finish, giving your package a crisp, professional look. Use these labels for more than addresses - you can create your custom labels, perhaps with a holiday theme or specific tie to the recipient. Consider swapping your greeting card for a unique shipping label and accompanying gift this holiday season.


Last Minute Deliveries

If you find yourself needing to send a last-minute gift shipment, don't fret! There are plenty of shipping services that offer quick delivery. USPS, FedEx, and UPS all offer overnight or next-day shipping services. USPS' Priority Mail offers guaranteed overnight shipping service for all domestic deliveries. This service delivers seven days a week and 365 days a year, which is essential to note when many other businesses might be closed for the holidays. FedEx offers overnight delivery for next-day shipping with FedEx First Overnight. Before shipping, you can check the rates for this fast delivery service here. UPS offers time-definite shipping services that can be delivered the next day at either morning, noon, or evening so you can customize your shipment to when your recipient is most likely to be home to receive the package. The most crucial shipping service by UPS offered is Express Critical, which allows for same-day delivery.


Gifting with Shop4Mailers

When it comes to shipping gifts, your friends at Shop4Mailers want to make sure your package arrives safely with high-quality shipping products like poly mailers, clear poly bags, shipping labels, and address labels. With the busy holiday season, the last thing you should be stressing about is gift-giving. From knowledge about last-minute shipping services to saving you more with wholesale shipping supplies, let us guide you to make the holiday season simpler.

No matter what your shipping needs are, you can find the best supplies at Shop4Mailers.com.

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