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Our Top Three Packaging Tips

Our Top Three Packaging Tips

When you’re shipping something, whether it’s across the state, the country, or around the globe, you always want it to get there in the same condition in which it left and to arrive in a timely fashion. But in the shipping world, that’s not always a guarantee. Most of us have had a package arrive to us broken or later than expected. Occasionally, packages have gone missing altogether, presumably lost in the mysterious world of shipping trucks and giant warehouses. But there are things that you can do to minimize these sorts of circumstances, and it begins with choosing the right container for your shipment.


What's the Right Package for My Shipment?

An under-packed mailer can be just as much of a liability as an overpacked mailer, so it’s essential to choose the right mailer for your shipping materials. If the items you’re packing aren’t snug in their package, they become vulnerable to shifting around throughout the journey, potentially damaging your materials. A clear poly bag in a size slightly larger than the materials you’re mailing is an excellent choice to keep your shipment safe within its packaging. At the same time, it will protect your item from many of the hazards it can encounter during commercial shipping, including dust, debris, and moisture. Rips, tears, and punctures are also commonplace during shipment, but a mailer that's well packed is less likely to incur any damage.

 White poly mailer with thank you written in black in multiple languages. The poly mailer has a piece of clothing inside.

Always Label Packages Clearly

Both for the benefit of the recipient and those helping with the shipping process — think post office workers and package delivery people — clear labeling, preferably using 30-up labels, is critical. These types of 30-up labels, printable with adhesive on the back, allow you to label each item within the package distinctly. Also ideal for creating personalized address labels, general inventory, and barcode labeling on a clear poly bag, 30-up labels are an essential tool for your company or home-office setup.

When it comes to labeling your packages, follow your carrier’s instructions clearly. Best practices often dictate that the label goes on the largest surface of the container. Placing a label on a corner of the box or bag should be avoided since they can cause errors during scanning. Include instructions on the package (such as fragile, do not bend, this end up, etc.), but do not assume that these instructions will protect the contents. Instead, take steps to protect your items by using durable mailers, including our clear poly bags.


Make Sure Your Packages Have Cushioning

Particularly if you’re shipping something fragile or delicate, cushioning your items is vital. You may consider whether your materials would benefit from bubble wrap. Especially if you’re sending multiple pieces together, packing items individually in poly bags, labeling them using 30-up labels, and securing them all into a box for shipping is advisable.

When you (or your loved ones or colleagues) are expecting a package, the last thing you want is for it to show up damaged, late, or worse - to not show up at all. Take special care to prepare your shipments beforehand, and you can avoid these potential pitfalls.

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