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Making a Mailer Work for You

Making a Mailer Work for You

When it comes to responsible mailing, you should consider the packaging on the outside just as much as what’s inside. After all, you want your product to arrive just as it left your business. There are a few key things to remember when making a mailer work for you.

 Poly mailer with thank you printed in black in multiple languages. A teal journal is inside the mailer.

Don’t Over- or Under-Pack Your Mailer

While it might be obvious that it’s a bad idea to overstuff a package, you should also remember that an under-packed mailer is just as great a risk when shipping. Too much space surrounding your materials in their mailer can cause them to move and shift during the shipping process, leaving the possibility that they could break or become damaged. Instead, choose a clear poly bag or another poly mailer sized more appropriately for the items you’re mailing. 


It Pays to Spend a Little More on the Right Shipping Materials

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest mailer you can find to send your package from one place to another, but that could result in compromised quality of the shipping experience. Choose a mailer that’s built to protect what you’re mailing. Delicate items especially can benefit from more durable materials and enhanced security provided by an adhesive strip closure.


Don’t Overlook the Presentation

If you want your product to arrive in style and be taken seriously, don’t overlook how it appears when it gets there. Want your recipient to see your product before they even open it? A clear poly bag will keep it protected while it travels across town or across the globe. Does your shipment need a little more discretion? Choose a poly mailer that will offer the same protection, without the transparency. Sending a thank-you package? A thank-you design poly mailer is ideal for showing gratitude to clients and friends.

 USPS truck a the city delivering mail

Use a Shipping Hub or Postal Annex to Help You Save Money on Shipping Costs

When shipping your materials in a clear poly bag or other poly mailer, it pays to explore all of your options, including who you choose to mail your packages. Shipping hubs can provide you a list of prices for each shipping service (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) based on the item’s weight and your desired delivery date. Prices may vary from one shipper to another, depending on your time frame. These sorts of shipping hubs also can allow you to forego writing directions such as “fragile” or “do not bend” as they often provide free labels upon request that are much more recognizable to package handlers.


Consider the Value of the Items to Be Shipped in the Mailer

When mailing a package, especially one of high value, you should consider declaring a value of the package through your shipping service. The declared value of your shipment indicates the shipping company’s maximum liability for a package that is lost or damaged. This helps you and the recipient in the event of a package catastrophe. You can also purchase package tracking at a reasonable price to give you and the person receiving the package additional assurance in knowing exactly where your package stands in the shipping process.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you will streamline your shipping experience while saving money and enhancing the security of your package.


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