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Finding the Right Shipping Method for Your Business

Finding the Right Shipping Method for Your Business

Do you find all of the available shipping options confusing? Fear not - we’re here to help!

There are many things to consider when it comes to shipping your items: how to ship, where to ship, and what options are available to you. From carrier costs to shipping supplies, it can become overwhelming for even established business owners.

At Shop4Mailers, we do more than just offer awesome poly mailer bags - we’re here to simplify the shipping process. By providing wholesale supplies and the know-how of the different kinds of shipping methods, we pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for ecommerce and all business owners alike.

From flat rate boxes to first-class envelopes, there are a ton of options to get your package out of the warehouse and onto your customer’s doorstep. A lot of choices does not mean a lot of the right choices. Together, we will explore the shipping methods that make the most sense for your business needs.

We believe in simplifying the shipping process. Once you find the right shipping method and optimize your shipping process, you can spend more time focusing on other aspects of your business.


Breaking Down Shipping Methods

Shipping can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. When it comes to shipping methods, there are a lot of options available to you:

  • Flat rate shipping
  • Priority mail
  • Ground delivery
  • First class mail
  • International shipping

With different pricing and delivery considerations, this guide aims to provide you with quick information to find out which method is best for your business.

Flexibility in packaging will also play a role here, so if you’re unwilling to part with your supply of poly mailer bags, pay close attention to priority mail flat rate boxes.


Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping is one of the more desirable shipping methods. With a flat rate option, you eliminate the need to weigh each shipment, which makes the process faster.

Flat rate shipping packages are a set price, no matter the weight of the items inside, though they generally have a cap on the weight at a certain amount. USPS flat rate boxes need to weigh under 70 lbs for domestic delivery.

If you are shipping a decent-sized item, flat rate shipping is a good option. If you’re shipping smaller pieces like jewelry, then flat rate shipping may cost you more as lighter weighted packages are less expensive.

Flat rate packages are available in envelopes or boxes - the choice is yours based on the product sizes you are offering and planning to ship. You can choose different size variations for flat rate shipping boxes like small, medium, or large.

When using flat rate shipping boxes, you lose the flexibility to customize your packaging. With poly mailer bags, you can choose colors and designs that reinforce your company branding, which is essential if you are a small business looking to establish your presence with new customers.

Weighing the importance of branding and rates is an essential step in determining if flat rate shipping boxes and envelopes are right for your online business.


The Pros and Cons of Priority Mail

Priority mail shipping is excellent for quick turnarounds. With standard timing of one to three business days, flat rate options, and low cost, this method has many pros for shipping on behalf of your business.

Unlike some other shipping methods, the con of priority mail flat rate shipping is that you cannot use your company’s shipping mailers,  including wholesale poly mailer bags.

If the packaging choice is flexible for your business, you may want to consider priority mail flat rate shipping a viable shipping method. If you are not willing to give up your preferred poly mailer bags, you will want to opt-out of priority mail flat rate packaging.


Ground Shipping

One of the slowest shipping methods uses the ground delivery option, although it is the most cost-effective for heavier packages. With the least amount of rush to the customer, unlike priority and first-class mail, ground shipping can take several days.

Why should you consider ground shipping for your business? If your product offerings include more substantial items, this shipping method is excellent to keep costs low in that aspect. Ground shipping shouldn’t only be limited to big items, though - you can use poly mailer bags for this shipping method.


First Class Mail

For small items and very lightweight products, consider using first class mail as a shipping method. Using standard-sized small and large envelopes, you can send small packages in 1-3 business days using USPS.

Unlike flat rate shipping options, first-class mailing costs will vary based on the size and weight of the items. For new ecommerce businesses with smaller items, first-class mail is a serious consideration for a low-cost shipping method.

First-class mail through USPS offers shipping insurance for up to $5,000 on merchandise.


The Cost of Carriers

When weighing your options between the shipping methods we discussed, you’ll also want to consider which carrier you will use.

You don’t necessarily need to be exclusive to one carrier - USPS, FedEx, and UPS all have a small variance that may pull you to one specific carrier service. These variances can include cost, shipping speed, and ease of use. Learn more about comparing carrier services to see how these stack up against your business’s shipping needs.

There are different shipping calculators available online that will help to weigh which preferred shipping method and carrier will keep your business costs low. 

Aside from looking at the bottom dollar, you should also read customer reviews on different carrier services. From flat rate to first class, you’ll want to make sure you are going with a trusted carrier.


What Should I Consider Before Shipping?

Now that we have dived into the different shipping methods, there are some considerations you should keep in mind when weighing these options.

Delivery speed or how fast or slow your customers care to receive their items after placing an order is critical. Faster doesn’t always mean more expensive - flat rate shipping helps balance the cost of varying weights of shipments.

The delivery destination should also be kept in mind - especially when considering domestic vs. international shipping. International shipping rates will undoubtedly be higher than domestic, so it’s good to understand your client base when researching shipping methods.

When it comes to your actual product, your product sizes and weights play a considerable role in determining shipping methods. Lighter items are less expensive, but ground shipping offers reasonable rates for heavy items too.

Some shipping methods may limit you on what type of packaging you can use. If you do not want to budge using your preferred packaging, you may want to weed out these options up front.

Lastly, different carriers offer different rates. You can calculate different options to see which is the best for you and see how these delivery carriers stack up against each other.

When it comes to shipping supplies, we are the wholesale experts. Learn how our at-cost supplies can save your business money.


Wholesale Shipping Supplies

If you’re looking for a trusted resource to satisfy all of your ecommerce mailer needs, you’ve found it at Shop4Mailers. Here are some shipping essentials to consider for your online business:

  • Shipping labels
  • Clear poly bags
  • Warning labels
  • Poly mailer bags

Shipping labels are essential for any ecommerce business and are necessary for any type of packaging. These labels can be peeled and applied right from the printer, adding ease to the shipping process. Check out our Zebra compatible labels.

Clear poly bags act as a secondary layer of protection, forming a barrier between your product and the mailer. These clear bags keep dust and debris away, so your item arrives at the customer in the same excellent condition.

Our warning labels state the suffocation risks of plastic bags, which makes this shipping supply super important. We want you to keep your customers safe just as much as you want to make sure your items are protected.

Poly mailer bags are high on our list when it comes to shipping essentials. These mailers are all-purpose for all different items and even come in fun colors and designs. Let’s dive into more about our poly mailer bags and why they are an excellent option for shipping different sized products. 


Poly Mailer Bags

Our poly mailer bags come in a variety of sizes, styles, and levels of thickness. These mailers are a cost-efficient option for any ecommerce business. Consider the item sizes of your product offerings and see if poly mailer bags are the right choice for your business.

Why do we love poly mailer bags? There’s a long list of reasons why poly mailer bags are an excellent shipping supply:

  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple sizes
  • Self-sealing
  • Wholesale, low cost

Our poly mailer bags are made from a plastic material but keep the mailer flexible. These mailers are sturdy and made to protect your products from any rips, tears, or other light physical damage.

With poly mailer bags, you can help to keep your shipping costs low. With wholesale shipping supplies, you can bypass the middleman and purchase your supplies at cost, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Get your hands on our poly mailer bags and see why our collection is the bestselling shipping product of 2020.


All About Organization

With a bulk supply of wholesale shipping supplies, you don’t want to overwhelm your shipping area. We recommend setting up a shipping station to stay organized and efficient.

The shipping station area should store all necessary shipping supplies but be easily accessible. Even when not in use, this area should be kept neat and organized.

Here are some more tips to make the most out of your shipping station:

  • Designate an area that is only for the use of packaging and shipping
  • Invest in storage systems for optimal organization
  • Supplies should be easy to locate within the station
  • Set up a station in order of order fulfillment process


To avoid wasting time running around for different supplies, a shipping station is necessary. Setting up your station so that you move through the order fulfillment process in order of the actual steps of your process will help you to be more productive and efficient.

When you set up your station, you can continue to tweak your process and set up until you are fully optimized - there will be a learning curve as you move through fulfillment.

Even if you’re using flat rate boxes and envelopes, it’s still good to have an organized shipping station to house your other supplies and provide a clear workstation for packaging your items.

When working with wholesale shipping supplies, excess poly mailer bags can be stored in a separate but nearby area for easy restocking when supply at the station is low.

These tips should help you get started on your personalized shipping station. To learn more about how to make the perfect area for packaging, check out our blog on improving your packaging prep station.


Shipping Made Easy

At Shop4Mailers, we’re here to simplify the shipping process by providing wholesale supplies and the know-how of the different shipping methods.

When running a business, you shouldn’t have to sweat the small stuff, like which shipping method is the most effective for your business. Let us help you do the heavy lifting and offer you a guide to provide all of the information you need to weigh your options.

When it comes to shipping know-how and supplies, we know our stuff. From poly mailer bags to shipping labels and more, we carry all of the essential shipping supplies at wholesale cost.

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