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Ecommerce Products You Can Ship With Mailers

Poly mailer bags are versatile, making them an ideal choice for anyone with an ecommerce business who’s shipping different products consistently. Let’s talk about poly mailer bags and everything you can use them for!

What is a Poly Mailer Bag?

A poly mailer is a lightweight plastic envelope. This moisture-resistant and durable mailer may look thin; however, it offers a layer of protection that will ensure your product arrives on your customer’s doorstep in perfect condition.

What is a Poly Mailer Bag Made of? 

Poly mailer bags are made with polyethylene film, which is also known as plastic. It is the lightest variant of all the polyethylenes. Poly bags can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including rain, snow, and high humidity.

How Much Does a Poly Mailer Bag Cost? 

Poly mailers are so appealing to small business owners because of their affordability. The average cost is about twenty-five cents per poly bag when buying in bulk and about $1.25 if buying a single unit. This low cost makes them an easy choice for many. 

Are There Different Sizes of Poly Mailer Bags

Poly mailer bags come in numerous sizes, but the standard size is 10” x 13.” While you can purchase poly mailer bags in bigger or smaller sizes, your choice should be based on what you plan to put inside them. 

It’s crucial to know what you can ship in your poly mailer bag. Don’t forget to measure your product to ensure you choose the right size bag. 

What Can I Ship in a Poly Bag

  • Marketing Products
  • Clothing
  • Books and Printed Media
  • Health, Beauty, and Wellness Items
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Sheets or Pillows

Ship Marketing Products of All Shapes and Sizes

Marketing products are created in all shapes and sizes, ranging from business cards to flyers and different types of swag. Sharing your marketing products helps grow your network and keep your customers up to date on anything new and exciting.

A poly bag is a perfect option for shipping these products. You can customize the poly bag itself with your logo or company name, taking your marketing to the next level!

Ship T-Shirts, Sweaters, Jeans, and More

Have a T-shirt-selling business? Purging your wardrobe? The internet makes it easy to ship your products anywhere. Products including shirts, footwear, jeans, or any fabric-based items are great choices for mailers since they can’t be crushed.

Poly bags are easy to use for shipping all types of clothing. In addition, poly bags come in numerous sizes, making them the ideal choice to fit all your shipping needs.

Ship Your Printed Media and Books

Ship your books using poly bags. Books are expensive to buy continuously, so swapping or selling your books at a lower cost for the next person to enjoy is a great way to get your money’s worth and help others get their hands on a book they have been dying to read.

Poly bags are ideal for shipping books and other printed media due to their size and durability. Being tear-resistant, the sharper edges of a book are no match for a poly bag. Grab mailers today and start shipping out the books you have read, passing the adventure to the next lucky reader.

Ship Your Beauty, Health, and Wellness Products

People continue to use poly bags because of their versatility, size, and affordability. Their durability allows them to hold numerous items, like beauty, health, and wellness products, without the fear of rips or spills. These items include vitamins and supplements, cosmetics, and nutrition products. Don’t forget that shipping in bulk saves postage! 

Shipping Stuffed Animals 

Poly bags come in handy when shipping a stuffed animal. While oversized stuffed animals may need different packaging, small and medium stuffed animals are the perfect size to fit into a mailer and ship. In addition, if you are gifting a stuffed animal, poly bags ensure your stuffed animal will arrive safely and damage-free!

Sheets, Pillows, and Blankets

While we wouldn’t recommend throwing a comforter into a poly bag, sheets, smaller pillows, and blankets can be shipped successfully in poly bags. Poly Mailer bags will ensure they are kept safe from the elements, as these bags protect your items during transit.

Why Should You Ship Using a Poly Mailer Bag?


  • Affordable
  • Save Space
  • Protection
  • Customizable
  • Common


Poly Mailer Bags Are Affordable


Poly mailer bags continue to draw ecommerce merchants who constantly ship items. Poly bags are inexpensive and can be bought in bulk for even more savings, making them an ideal choice.

Poly Mailer Bags Save Space


Poly mailer bags are space savers due to their sleek design. They aren’t bulky and are easy to transport. These poly mailer bags come in many sizes that you can choose from based on your item! If you are shipping a bundle, a mailer is an excellent choice because it is lightweight and allows you to avoid shipping numerous packages to the same place.


They Have Added Protection


Poly mailer bags offer an added layer of protection. Items already packaged can be put into a poly bag to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition. Some mailers have bubble wrap inside them for more fragile items or for added peace of mind. These lightweight poly mailer bags are waterproof, tear-resistant, and secure.


You Can Customize Poly Mailer Bags


Branding is a great way to set your product apart from your competitors. For example, you can customize your poly bags with your logo, other brand-related images, or company colors. This can bring attention to your business and products and offers a great branding opportunity. 


They are Commonly Used


While some merchants steer away from lightweight poly bags, thinking they are too cheap for their products, poly mailers are widespread among most sellers in the ecommerce world. Whether you have ordered an item from a private seller or a large chain like Amazon, you have most likely received a mailer before.


Ecommerce Shipping Methods

Ecommerce Shipping Methods

  • 2-Day shipping
  • Same-Day Delivery
  • Overnight Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping

2-Day Shipping

We all know Amazon Prime wowed everyone with their 2-day shipping option, getting goods from warehouses to consumers at lightning-fast speeds. While you may not believe that premium shipping is something you can offer and think you should leave it to the pros, don’t count yourself out!

Same-Day Delivery

Same-day delivery will guarantee your order is delivered the same day it’s purchased. While same-day delivery is one of the most popular options, particularly close to the holidays, it requires successfully executing resources and technology to make it happen. So, make sure to plan ahead as you make your decision!

Overnight Shipping

While two-day shipping continues to be the popular choice, it’s essential to learn how to stand out from the crowd. Overnight shipping guarantees customers will receive their order on the next business day.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is a faster shipping option, but it has no definitive timeframe. This is because it can vary by carrier and ecommerce shipping services. Expedited allows you the opportunity to build a loyal customer base while offering shipping speeds above ground shipping.

Using Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon means you store your products in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and then Amazon picks, packs, and ships your product to customers while offering customer service. 


Amazon created this shipping and storage service to help business owners sell their products. If you are a small business shipping the products listed above, the Amazon FBA program is an excellent option to expand your network of customers and grow your business.


Why are Poly Bags Important for Amazon FBA Sellers?


Amazon requires mailers for specific product types. This protects your products while they are in Amazon fulfillment centers. In addition, poly bags prevent leaks and spills from damaging items within a shipment, protect items from dirt and dust, and prevent loose items from being separated, making poly mailers essential for Amazon FBA sellers. These poly bags are the popular choice for a reason. 


What are the Amazon Poly Bag Regulations?


Amazon has precise regulations for poly mailer bags that must be followed. When these regulations aren’t met, Amazon will charge a re-bagging fee for your items. Failure to follow them can result in refusal from Amazon’s fulfillment center regarding inventory.

How to Choose the Right Poly Mailer Bag Size

  • Measurements
  • Type of Product
  • Know the Dimensions
  • Test the Process

Make Sure to Measure Your Product

Measure the height, length, and width of your product before putting it in your lightweight poly bag. This will ensure you don’t overpay in shipping! Remember, you’re paying for the weight, so if you choose a mailer that’s too big, the extra space can add to the weight and cause you to lose money. This is especially crucial if you’re shipping at a high volume this holiday season. 

What Type of Product Are You Shipping?

If you are shipping something soft, such as clothing, you can fit it in a lightweight poly mailer that is the same size as your product. The product should fit nice and snug in your mailer. If it is something more fragile, fill the void to make sure the product doesn’t break. 

Filling the void ensures your product will stay put in the mailer during transit. You can put all sorts of materials in your mailer to fill the open space and keep your items protected.

Know the Dimensions of Your Poly Bag

When buying poly mailers in bulk, account for your product size. If you are shipping the same product all the time, great! But what if a customer wants to buy three of the items instead of one? Be prepared with a larger mailer that will allow you to bundle. 

Measure your product alone, and then measure a few of them together. This will help you cover all your bases when it comes to ordering the correct size poly mailers. Then, you’ll want to double-check the dimensions of the poly mailer you are buying to confirm if the measurements they are giving are for the interior or exterior of the mailers.

Test Your Options

Research different shipping mailers until you find the best poly mailer for your products. While you can scour the internet for what works best for others, do some trial and error to figure out what will work best for you. Request some samples and test out your options! 


How to Properly Fit Your Products into Poly Mailer Bags


Make sure that your item fits into your poly bag properly. If you have a small item in a large mailer, you may have issues with shipping labels being misread due to the flat spots.  


When your package is misread, this can cause shipping delays, and your package can even be returned to you. Ensure you have an assortment of mailers of different sizes and use the correct option for whatever item you are shipping. Avoid extra charges and re-bagging by doing your research and making sure all your products fit correctly.

Where To Buy Poly Mailers

We have explained everything about poly mailers, from choosing the right size to what items you can ship in them, but where can you buy them? A quick online search will show numerous options for purchasing mailers. However, avoid unknown sites and cheaply made mailers. 

Saving a few cents sounds appealing, but these cheaper options won’t properly protect your item. Spend the extra few cents for high-quality mailers to give you some peace of mind for your shipments. We stand by our high-quality poly mailers!

Qualities of A Good Poly Mailer

Poly mailers are lightweight, making them easy to use, transport, and store. Their durability protects your items from punctures or damage from liquid, dirt, or dust. They are eco-friendly, as they’re made with polyethylene material that is strong, giving them a longer shelf life. Therefore, less waste goes into the environment, and minimal materials are needed for constant production.

And that covers it! We’ve gone over everything you need to know to start shipping your products. Don’t forget to check our site for all your poly mailer bag needs, including shipping labels, customization, and suffocation warning labels and bags!

Poly mailer bags have created a world of shipping options for small business owners. Whether they are for fulfilling customer orders or sending gifts to family and friends, poly bags have made the process easy, affordable, and efficient. While ecommerce products are the ideal market for poly bags, anyone can use them to cover all their shipping needs, making them versatile for everyone.
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