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Best Poly Mailers for Jewelry

Shipping mailers have continued to pick up in popularity with their affordability and ease of use. Shipping mailers are helpful for those shipping smaller items that still need protection, but not a big bulky box. While jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, it tends to be smaller and lighter, making it an easy product to ship! Whether you make your own or are cleaning out your collection, knowing the best mailers to use for your jewelry will help you get those precious pieces shipped to a new home in one piece!

What’s a Poly Mailer?

If you haven’t heard of a poly mailer, let us explain. A poly mailer is a lightweight but sturdy bag made of plastic. The mailers are moisture-resistant and durable, coming in numerous different sizes to fit any of your needs. 

These shipping mailers offer a layer of protection from dirt, debris, and moisture, ensuring your product will make it to its new home in perfect condition! 

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Poly Mailer 

  • Measure Packaging
  • Measure Mailer

Measure the Packaging

When shipping jewelry, most don’t just throw it in a bag and send it on its way. Instead, it is generally wrapped in a resealable cellophane bag with some personalization or put into a box. While there are many options, it is essential to measure the packaging.

Measure the length of your package first. Once completed, note it, and then measure the height. If applicable, measure the width of the package. Once you have noted these measurements, it’s time to measure your shipping mailer.

Measure Your Shipping Mailer

Use the measurements you just took and start to figure out what type and size mailer you would need for your product. Here is the best way to measure your mailer:

Measure the length from the bottom of the bag to the base of the seal

Measure the width of the bag from side to side

For more rigid items, add ½ inch to the width of the bag

For bulkier items, adjust dimensions as needed

Leave a small amount of space for your packaging to give it some breathing room (if you keep it too tight, the mailer can rip or tear and cause damage to your jewelry)

Jewelry Poly Mailers

Jewelry Poly Mailers

Now that you have successfully measured your package and mailer, it is time to decide what the best shipping mailer is. There are many different types of shipping mailers that can be used for shipping jewelry. So, how do you make sure you pick the right one? Let’s break it down:

  • Size
  • Extra Protection
  • Customization
  • Test

Size Matters 

The standard jewelry poly mailer is the 6 x 9-inch one. They are lightweight, have a self-sealing adhesive, and are perfect for shipping smaller boxes, making them the perfect choice for your jewelry. Confirm the measurements of your package will fit in this mailer. If you are unsure, request a sample to confirm you made the right choice! 

Don’t forget to factor in shipping numerous pieces of jewelry at once. If you are shipping four pieces to one recipient, you can plan accordingly and ship them all in the same mailer, saving time and money. 

Do You Need Extra Protection?

Poly mailers come in numerous forms. While all are highly durable, knowing your goals will help you choose the ideal jewelry poly mailer. There are thin mailers or poly bubble mailers, which have a thicker layer of protection inside. 

If you already have mailers on hand you plan to use but still want to add an extra layer of protection for peace of mind, you can add tissue paper, bubble wrap, or any other packing materials to fluff up the open space in your mailer.


This is purely a preference, but the great thing about these jewelry poly mailers is that you can personalize them however you want! For example, you can add your logo to them if you have one, pick a fun design, or pick a fun color to ship your items, adding an extra touch! 

If you also plan for some extra breathing room, this offers a great option of adding a business card or personalized thank you card to your customers, making them feel special and wanting to buy from you again.

Test Your Options

It’s imperative to research different shipping mailers until you find the best poly mailer for your jewelry. While you can scour the internet for what works best for others, you must do some trial and error to figure out what will work best for you. Request some samples and test out your options! 

Shipping Mailer or Bubble Mailer: Which is Right for Your Jewelry?

Shipping mailers have continued to be an excellent choice for your jewelry. Their stretch-resistant material and lightweight feel continue to keep them as a top contender for shipping. But are they the best mailer for your jewelry?

A bubble mailer is a paper or plastic envelope with padding on the inside for an extra layer of protection. Like poly mailers, they are available in several different sizes and colors. The downsides to bubble mailers are their lack of flexibility, their bulk, and their higher prices. 

While poly mailers are an excellent option for your jewelry, keep in mind that if you have very fragile jewelry, you may want to put it in another type of packaging first to offer added protection and ease of mind.

Shipping Your Jewelry Through Amazon FBA


FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon means you store your products in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and then Amazon picks, packs, and ships your product to customers while offering customer service on those same products. 


The best part of this program is that it allows small business owners to ship their handmade jewelry all over, expanding their customer reach. Shipping mailers are crucial to the success of the FBA service. When choosing the right jewelry poly mailer, confirm it meets the shipping requirements through Amazon’s FBA service.


That’s it! You are equipped with all the information you need to choose the right jewelry poly mailer successfully. Focusing on keeping your product protected and your customers happy is vital to the success of your business. So, measure your product, test out different packaging options, and start sharing your jewelry with the world!
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