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About Us

At Shop4Mailers, we know the ins and outs of what makes a successful shipping experience. For nearly a decade, our company provided customers across the world with printed mugs, clothing, engraved glasses, and more. Through trial and error, we gained first-hand knowledge of the importance of finding quality shipping materials. It was through these experiences that Shop4Mailers was born.

Founded on the belief that shipping materials should be durable, attractive, and affordable, Shop4Mailers offers an assortment of shipping products ranging from colorfully designed poly bags to safety stickers and mailing labels. Our poly mailers are opaque, durable, waterproof, and tear/puncture resistant to provide additional protection and security during transit. For those looking to add a bit of personality to their shipping, our design poly bags feature vibrant colors and fun patterns to help create a memorable experience in the minds of your customers. We even carry a variety of safety and shipping labels for all of your packaging needs.

At Shop4Mailers, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service every step of the way. We determine shipping costs based on your specific order and shipping location, and never include hidden or extra charges. Plus, place an order before 12.30 p.m. PST and your products will ship to you the same day.

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Our customers are a top priority, which is why we’re always here to answer questions, listen to ideas and feedback, and assist with product inquiries. Have something specific you want to see in our shop? Let us know!

Thanks for your business and support!

The Shop4Mailers Team