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Best Shipping Supplies For Clothing

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If you’re planning on mailing t-shirts, dresses, or other pieces of clothing, our wholesale shipping supplies are a must-have. Shop4Mailers carries the best shipping supplies for clothing, including poly mailers, mailing labels, and clear plastic warning bags. Regardless of what kinds of clothing you’re shipping, our poly mailers are available in the sizes you need to get the job done. 


Each of our poly mailers is made with a rugged material that resists rips, punctures, and tears, as well as damage from dirt, dust, moisture, and debris. You’ll also love the self-sealing technology our mailers offer. Remove the protective covering on the adhesive strip and press the flap to the bag! Poly mailers are some of the best shipping supplies for clothing because not only are they durable, but they’re also incredibly lightweight. The heavier the package, the more you’ll pay in shipping costs. Our poly mailers are affordable to purchase as well as to ship! 


Shop our expansive collection of wholesale poly mailers and shipping supplies below!