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Your Ultimate Guide to Bulk Shipping Supplies

Running an efficient, cost-effective business is crucial, and your shipping expenses are an area you can’t overlook. Whether you’re just starting out or are an existing business, the TLC you give to your shipping supply needs now is vital to creating a lasting business.  Choosing to buy bulk shipping supplies allows you to cut down on the costs, time, and stress that shipping can sometimes add to running an online business. 

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to running your e-commerce business with high-quality, wholesale bulk shipping supplies. We’ll walk you through some of the best ways to aim for budget-savvy, eco-friendly bulk shipping practices to help your business thrive. 

If you’re new to the world of poly mailers, shipping costs, and creating labels, it’s best to soak up all the knowledge you can to start your journey off on the right foot. Whether you like it or not, shipping is an essential part of almost every business. Time wasted is money wasted, so getting to know your options is a must. From poly mailers and boxes to shipping labels and tape, keeping a backstock of wholesale bulk shipping supplies could be vital to a successful business. 

  • What are Wholesale Shipping Supplies?
  • Why Invest in Wholesale Bulk Shipping Supplies?
  • What are Poly Mailers?
  • The Importance of Shipping Labels
  • Understanding Suffocation Warning Label Legal Requirements

  • Safety Standards Within Your Budget

  • The Use of Bubble Wrap
  • High-Quality Wholesale Bulk Shipping Supplies

    What are Wholesale Shipping Supplies?

    Wholesale supplies allow you to save money, stock up, and still provide the same quality and protection you always have when shipping your products. When purchasing your bulk shipping supplies, researching your wholesale options will ensure you select a dealer with reputable, reliable shipping products. In addition, you save money by cutting out the middleman when you purchase directly from a manufacturer or wholesale distributor. 


    When using wholesale bulk shipping supplies, your business is better equipped to keep up with customer demands while keeping your business expenses low. There are many beneficial reasons to shop for your bulk shipping supplies wholesale.


    Benefits of purchasing wholesale bulk shipping supplies include:

    keep ample shipping supplies on hand

    meet all needs with a straightforward order

    qualify for lower prices per unit

    avoid the risk of running out when you need supplies the most


    Why Invest in Wholesale Bulk Shipping Supplies?

    Wholesale poly mailers and other shipping supplies are a cost-efficient way to ship your goods. Most notably, purchasing wholesale bulk shipping supplies is ideal because they are lightweight, durable, and come with endless options to customize to your branding. 

    Buying bulk ensures your expenses are low because you can acquire your supplies at cost. This practice is especially great news to new, small, or struggling businesses who may need to cut costs to stay ahead of their finances. 

    One of the best parts of purchasing bulk shipping supplies at wholesale costs is the savings you’ll reap. Buying in bulk lowers your per-unit cost, making it a smart move for any ecommerce business owner. So, the more you buy, the less you will spend in the long run, making it a win-win for your business.

    At Shop4Mailers, we know first-hand how expensive it is to start up and run your business. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing the best value as well as education on all your bulk shipping supplies at wholesale costs. As a result, you'll always find the essentials you need at prices you’ll love. 

    As you explore your options for bulk shipping supplies and wholesale dealers, we highly recommend considering five staples. Whether you’re stocking your bulk shipping supplies, you’re just opening, or upgrading your shipping products, these five essentials in shipping will help you ensure a smooth and cost-effective shipping experience. 


    5 staples in cost-effective bulk shipping supplies include:

    • poly mailer bags 
    • clear poly mailer bags 
    • shipping labels 
    • warning labels
    • bubble wrap

    What are Poly Mailers?

    A poly mailer, also known as a poly bag, is a lightweight yet durable plastic envelope. When it comes to delivering e-commerce packages, poly mailers provide many notable advantages. Poly bags come in various sizes and are perfect for accommodating the shipping requirements of your online business.  

    Poly Mailers for Your E-Commerce Packaging Needs

    There are many incredible benefits of packaging products in poly bags and poly mailers. The option to purchase them as bulk shipping supplies alone is an undeniable expense-saver. It’s no wonder poly mailers are a go-to option for many e-commerce businesses. 

    Poly mailers benefit your business by:

    • protecting your products
    • serving as a lightweight, affordable shipping option 
    • offering an extension of your e-commerce brand
    • proving an eco-friendly option your business can feel great about
    • offering versatility for thousands of items 
    • saving space in place of bulky shipping boxes and rolls of packaging tape

    Protecting Your Products

    It's critical to keep your client's investment safe. While many people believe that cardboard-box shipping offers the most protection during transit, this is not always the case. Poly bags provide extra protection against weather, accidental tears, and punctures. They also can more easily avoid the dented or crushed shells encountered by big, bulky boxes.

    Strength and Durability of Poly Mailers 

    You can help prevent your products from arriving at their destination in less-than-ideal conditions. Poly mailers are designed to be sturdy, tear-resistant options. You can depend on them as a staple in your bulk shipping supplies.

    Poly mailer bags are structurally different from your average plastic shopping bag. They are made with a protective barrier, created with two specific types of materials. Their dependable outer shell is made from polyethylene and polypropylene.

    The poly mailer plastic provides incredible resistance against accidental damage during the shipping process. However, ruptures, tears, and punctures may damage your items in cardboard boxes or other paper mailers, as they are more susceptible to accidental damage while in transit.

    Additional options, including poly mailers lined with bubble wrap and various package thicknesses, offer your products secure and safe shipping.  

    Adding an Extra Layer of Protection

    When you purchase bulk shipping supplies, cost should always be a consideration. However, when extra protection is necessary, poly bags offer a low-cost way to protect your items when the mailers are layered. Although they are designed to provide unmatched durability on their own, double bagging with the use of clear poly mailers is always an affordable option. 

    Transparent poly bags also keep your products free from damaging dust, moisture, and other debris. It’s a backup option that provides you with peace of mind, giving added protection to the contents of your poly mailer. 

    Clear poly mailers are also known for securing your clothing shipments well. They’ll keep items like shirts lint-free, pressed, and presentable until opened. Your customer’s first impression will get your business rave reviews.  

    A Lightweight, Affordable Shipping Option

    Stop wasting money on bulky, unreliable shipping products. When you utilize bulk shipping supplies like poly mailers through wholesale retailers, you save your business a tremendous expense. In addition, bulk shipping supplies from reliable wholesale companies help you avoid eating into your profits. 

    The lightweight, damage-resistant design saves you money on additional packaging materials and shipping costs. You’ll cut expenditures significantly by eliminating the need for boxes and shipping tape when you opt to use self-sealing poly bags. Simply peel away the liner and seal your poly bag with its self-adhesive strip! 

    Poly mailers vs. Shipping Boxes

    Although shipping boxes have been the typical go-to shipping staple for many businesses, they aren’t necessarily the best option for all your needs. They can waste space, rack up additional shipping charges, and take up much-needed space in your storage area. Instead, think about changing your shipping methods for your clothing items, books, and other flat products that don't need a bulky shipping box. You can save money shipping these and an array of other products in a poly mailer better-suited for your product’s dimensions. 

    Knowing where you are incurring avoidable expenses is always helpful. For example, shipping boxes incur fees according to dimensions and weight. Carriers must implement these fees to account for the weight and space each box requires on their transport carriers. Poly bags, on the other hand, take up little room. Therefore, they are simply charged by their weight, saving you substantial money.  

    Complementing Your Branding

    You may not have a storefront to reap the same opportunities for brand recognition, but your online business can still take advantage of brand awareness through your shipping options. 

    Reinforce your branding with bulk shipping supplies that offer custom printing. Using your shop's brand identity on your poly mailers, you can build a strong brand identity for your online business. Your packaging has the power to woo your customer and set you apart from other companies they order from. A custom-branded poly mailer offers many benefits to both businesses and clients. 

    Branded poly mailers will:

    • catch the attention of and wow your customer upon delivery 
    • reinforce your brand identity
    • make the opening of an anticipated order exciting 
    • make your packages recognizable

    Eco-Friendly Shipping 

    Let’s clear up the misconception that poly mailers are not eco-friendly. Plastic poly mailers can absolutely be an eco-friendly shipping option for your e-commerce business. In fact, many bulk shipping supplies come from packaging companies that offer environmentally conscious poly mailers and methods. 

    You can provide a shipping material that helps reduce waste. There's no need for a small, single item shipped in an oversized cardboard box. Think about how many times you’ve received packages in this manner. You can save time, shipping resources, energy, and money by shipping smarter. 

    A poly mailer serves its purpose by:

    taking up less space during transport 

    eliminating the need for more shipping trucks on the road

    creating a reusable, recyclable shipping option

    cutting down on waste with poly bags that actually suit your product’s size

    Recycling Poly Mailers

    All poly mailers can and should be recycled. However, many people mistakenly think the material used to construct poly mailers is not eco-friendly. Although the process may not be as straightforward as recycling a cardboard shipping box, it can be recycled. 

    Contrary to what some think, poly mailers are more energy efficient to produce and recycle than bulky cardboard alternatives. Poly mailers’ lighter material also makes shipping more energy efficient. Want to show customers you genuinely care about your business’ effects on the planet? Shipping with poly mailers says you care. 

    The Versatility of Poly Mailers 

    If you’re considering investing in bulk shipping supplies, you can do so in style! You don’t have to chain yourself to the plain white poly mailer. Instead, add a little life to your bulk shipping supplies. After all, purchasing from wholesale companies provides the luxury of deeply discounted pricing, so add a little variety to your packaging. 

    Fun Designs for Poly Mailer Packaging 

    You can add a pop of color to your poly mailer bag or opt to ship with an array of fun designs and patterns that match or complement your branding. We have plenty of poly bags with fun, colorful designs like pineapples, flamingos, and shopping ladies to add brand recognition to your packaging. 

    Poly Mailers in Color

    You can also choose from an assortment of fun colors without sacrificing durability and protection. The same high quality is found with all our colorful poly mailers. Your products will arrive safely and in style.

    Versatility in Poly Mailer Size and Thickness 

    Poly mailers are available in several sizes and thicknesses to meet your needs. When you select the bulk shipping supplies to meet your needs, your products will stay snug and protected while in transit. 

    Some of our most popular poly mailer sizes include:

    • 9 x 12 inches
    • 10 x 13 inches
    • 12 x 15.5 inches
    • 5 x 19 inches
    • 19 x 24 inches

    Poly Mailer Options for All Your Products

    What products are best suited for poly mailers? There are thousands of items that are perfect for shipping in poly bags. These durable, cost-efficient bulk shipping supplies get the job done every day for businesses around the world.

    Products shipped securely in poly bags include: 

    • marketing materials
    • handmade goods
    • clothing and accessories
    • health and wellness products
    • beauty products

    Save Space with Poly Mailers

    Storing your bulk shipping supplies can easily take up space you may not have to sacrifice. As a business owner, you know space is essential. Whether you have a dedicated packaging and shipping area, ample space in a storeroom, or utilize your bedroom closet, you need a place to store your bulk shipping supplies

    Whether you are just starting or considering changing to bulk shipping supplies from wholesale dealers, it's hard to deny that poly mailers save you money and space. You’ll see cutbacks in bubble wrap, endless rolls of shipping tape, and those space-hogging, bulky boxes. 

    Poly Mailer Bags Every Online Shop Needs

    There are three mailer bags that are essential for every online business. Considering each bag can make your shipping process run smoothly. 

    Send your items with care and protection in these 3 essential poly bags:

    1. exterior poly mailer 
    2. clear poly mailer
    3. clear warning bags 

    Benefits of Clear Poly Bags

    Transparent poly bags provide an extra layer of protection. Before shipping your products, you can utilize these bags during the pre-shipment process. Simply pack your products in a clear poly bag and set them aside for the next stage. 

    This pre-packaging procedure protects the product from moisture, lint, and dust as it awaits packaging. In addition, the transparent design allows you to quickly identify what packages are ready to send and what items are still missing.  

    Virgin plastic makes these flexible and straightforward to stretch when necessary. In addition, you'll sleep well at night knowing that this outer layer, which travels to your client, provides a protective covering while you travel across town or across the world.

    Unlike cellophane wrap, clear poly bags offer self-adhesive closures. This handy feature not only eliminates the need for shipping tape storage but is cost-efficient and convenient. Not to mention, they are reusable. So your customer can return an item or repurpose the clear bag as they see fit. 

    The Importance of Shipping Labels

    Not only is Shop4Mailers your go-to for poly mailers, but we also have everything your business needs to ship efficiently, effectively, and affordably. From the white poly mailer to clear warning bags and labels, we’ve got your basics covered. 

    You can’t get your products to their destinations without your shipping labels. Luckily, we have an array of labels at the excellent wholesale prices you can expect with our bulks supplies. In fact, one of our top-selling shipping labels is a must-have for businesses of all sizes and ages. We offer high-quality 30-up labels at quantities and prices that benefit your business needs. 


    What is a Shipping Label? 

    While it may seem like common knowledge, some new business owners don’t know what a high-quality shipping label is. In a nutshell, a shipping label is your package’s identification tool. Shipping labels are used to quickly and effectively highlight the contents of a package, providing information about where it needs to be delivered. When a carrier scans the barcode on your shipping label, they'll instantly access your package's name, address, and weight info. 


    Your shipping label serves as a quick snapshot of essential information. Each label assists your carrier in effectively and efficiently sorting, tracking, and delivering the package to your customer. Since a shipping label is required with all carriers, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS, buying them in bulk shipping quantities makes sense.

    Importance of a Shipping Label

    Your shipping labels will serve as the critical information tool for carriers to ensure that your items are delivered to their proper destinations. While requirements for various carriers may differ, the basic information necessary is generally the same.


    Information found on a shipping label includes:

    • package destination  
    • return address
    • shipping barcode and a tracking number
    • weight of package 
    • shipping date
    • shipping class


    The Convenience of 30-Up Shipping Labels

    When you purchase bulk shipping supplies, you purchase convenience. At Shop4Mailers, we offer businesses high-quality 30-up labels. 


    About our shipping labels:

    • 1 x 2 5/8" each
    • 30 shipping labels per sheet
    • professional matte white finish
    • self-adhesive backs
    • 8 1/2 x 11" sheet for use with your inkjet or laser printers


    These handy shipping labels also pair well with any of our poly mailers, from white, decorative, or colored poly bag options. So not only do our wholesale labels make ideal options for creating your return address shipping labels, but you can also get creative with their use. Why not? You’ll have plenty to go around when you purchase these handy bulk shipping supplies, right?


    Storage Labeling

    30-up labels are convenient for labeling in your storage area. That’s right! Your products and bulk shipping supplies can be easily identified and help keep your storage area clean and organized. We even like storing some of our office supplies in clear poly bags and using our 30-up labels to identify variations. 


    Additional Labels to Consider for Your Bulk Shipping Needs

    Your shipping needs can be met with additional labels you will need you run your e-commerce business. From rolls of white thermal printer labels to easy-to-use perforated postage shipping labels, we’ve got the bulk shipping supplies you need. We can even furnish you with wholesale rolls of red “This is a Set Do Not Separate” labels for your products. 


    Understanding Suffocation Warning Label Legal Requirements

    Providing appropriate suffocation warnings and other critical warning labels may not always be mandated but should not be overlooked. As a business owner shipping goods, these are safety measures that should be seriously considered to help keep your customers aware and safe. With all the shipping products you utilize, some of them could pose the risk of suffocation, especially with small children and pets.


    Safety should always be a top priority for any business shipping products. However, the rising popularity and convenience of online shopping does come with some risks you need to consider. That’s why adding warning labels, whether printed on or enclosed within your packaging, should be added to your list of bulk shipping supplies


    Suffocation Warning Labels

    Whether you ship large or small products, suffocation warning labels give you an extra layer of peace of mind. As a store owner, it’s wise to choose to put your client’s health and safety first by including the proper warning labels. It is vital to understand how and when to use suffocation warning labels or printed poly bags to protect your customers and their households.


    Although the USA's Federal laws do not enforce suffocation label requirements, individual states mandate suffocation warning requirements. Therefore, if your e-commerce business is selling from any of the following areas, a suffocation warning label has been mandated. 


    Areas with suffocation warning label mandates currently include:

    • Rhode Island
    • Virginia
    • California
    • Massachusetts
    • New York
    • Chicago, IL

    Each state may also have its own set of rules for what information should be included on the label type, along with size limitations. Even if your state does not require you to follow these measures, providing suffocation warning labels on your shipments is a safety precaution you should think about for both your business and consumer warning requirements. It's a small price to pay for safety, especially with options to buy them as bulk shipping supplies from wholesale suppliers.

    Amazon Safety and Packaging Requirements

    With the increasing number of Amazon sellers today, these safety requirements likely apply or will apply to you. As outlined in their package and preparation requirements, Amazon has set guidelines for suffocation warnings when used on poly bags.


    Specific warning label requirements are mandated for boxed, bagged, and loose products as well. If you are an Amazon seller, be sure to familiarize yourself with their warning requirements to ensure you comply and protect your customers.


    Poly bags with a 5-inch or larger opening must include a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag or attached as a label, in accordance with their regulations. If sellers do not provide these labels when shipping through Amazon, they run the risk of wasting packaging, as re-bagging with the correct warnings will be required.


    Warning labels must be printed in a prominent location. This method may include the front of a poly bag. Amazon requires your warning labels to be in a font and font size that is undeniably clear and legible. 


    Additionally, your poly bag must be completely sealed, transparent, and include an easily scannable barcode. When you purchase our bulk shipping supplies, you can be assured our clear poly bags and warning labels meet Amazon’s FBA seller requirements. 


    Additional Platforms

    If you are selling on additional online platforms, we strongly suggest you research their safety requirements and packaging and shipping regulations. Each platform may vary, so it is vital that you find out if clear poly bags, suffocation labels, and additional warning labels are mandated. 


    Safety Standards Within Your Budget

    Complying with safety regulations doesn’t have to put a strain on your business finances. When you purchase your bulk shipping supplies directly from a wholesale company, you cut out the middleman, keeping costs low. In addition, taking advantage of wholesale prices puts you in a position to stock up on your bulk shipping supplies and add protective supplies, whether mandated or not.  

    The Use of Bubble Wrap

    We know you want to ensure your products arrive to your customers intact. It’s one of the essential parts of any e-commerce business. However, keeping your products protected doesn’t require overspending on protective shipping products or unnecessary packaging supplies, like bubble wrap.


    Before you place that order for an enormous roll of bubble wrap, we want to present you with a few important pros and cons. There are several benefits to utilizing bubble wrap in your packaging process. 

    Bubble wrap for your shipping needs is:

    • lightweight
    • versatile
    • protective
    • reusable
    • cost-effective


    When used to wrap objects for shipment, bubble wrap protects them against damage. In addition, this wrapping product may be conveniently reused many times since most air bubbles remain intact, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option.

    Bubble wrap is a lightweight, economical shipping packaging that uses air bubbles to keep a barrier between your goods and their outer wrapping. You won't have to worry about spending money on additional shipping fees, as bubble wrap adds little weight to a package when used correctly.

    This product's versatility is unrivaled. You can utilize bubble wrap for a wide range of items, including jewelry, décor, food products, and much more. Bubble wrap may also be used as a protective barrier in storage, relocation, light insulation, and drawer liners as a great way to repurpose its use. 

    The Cons of Utilizing Bubble Wrap for Shipping

    While there are several benefits to packaging your products with bubble wrap, a few cons are to be considered. 


    Before purchasing bubble wrap in bulk, consider the following cons:

    • environmental concerns
    • lacks branding opportunities
    • time-consuming

    Environmental concerns include the plastic nature of bubble wrap. While it gets the job done, it is not biodegradable. 

    Bubble wrap, while fun for some, also lacks branding. Think of the personalization and customization you could add in place of bubble wrap when you utilize branded and padded poly mailers, for instance. Also, consider bulk shipping supplies that align with your brand identity instead of smothering your next shipped product in bubble wrap. 


    Wrapping items with bubble wrap can also prove to be time-consuming. For some businesses, especially in today’s order it now, get it now mentality, time wasted is money lost. In addition, measuring, cutting, securing, and taping bubble wrap around each item is much less efficient than other alternatives provided by various bulk shipping supplies


    Bubble Wrap Alternatives 

    Before recent years, bubble wrap packaging was the most widespread form of protection for delicate products. However, as internet shopping has grown in popularity, shipping options and packaging materials have changed.


    Bubble wrap alternatives include:

    • packing peanuts
    • air pillows
    • corrugated cardboard wrapping
    • honeycomb wrap
    • air cushion wrap


    High-Quality Wholesale Bulk Shipping Supplies

    You can easily save more money by cutting out the middleman and purchasing packaging and shipping supplies from trusted wholesaler experts like Shop4Mailers. You can trust you’re in good hands when you purchase in bulk with us. Our reputation for high-quality and low process means you can stock up on shipping supply necessities while keeping your bottom line in check.  


    Quality shipping supplies from a wholesaler you trust, combined with an efficient shipping station, can help optimize your shipping processes. With trustworthy shipping services and delivery of products in pristine condition, your customers will be sure to remain loyal to your shop.
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