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When to Use a Clear Poly Bag

Deciding on the best materials to use for wholesale shipping can be challenging. With dozens of options to choose from, how do you know which poly bag is the best choice for you? This blog will give you the lowdown on when to use a clear poly bag for wholesale shipping and the benefits you can gain by choosing the right poly bag for your needs!


What is a Poly Bag? 

For those who are new to the wholesale shipping world, you may not be familiar with clear poly bags. A clear poly bag is similar in look to cellophane bags like the type used for gift wrapping and party favors. The most significant difference, however, is the durability and protection that a clear poly bag offers compared to cellophane.


Product Features

If you are looking for a way to keep your items safe while still allowing customers a clear view of what's inside the packaging, a clear poly bag is a great option. Offering protection from moisture, dirt, and debris, a clear poly bag is made to resist rips, tears, and punctures to keep your items safe during wholesale shipping. Clear poly bags also come in multiple sizes and thicknesses, helping companies meet a variety of packing needs. Also, look for a clear poly bag that offers a hassle-free closure, like these. Self-seal adhesive technology helps keep the bags closed, which adds an additional layer of protection.

 Thank you poly mailer with clear poly mailer and scarf


What exactly can you use a clear poly bag for other than as packaging for wholesale shipping, though? One of the great things about clear poly bags is that they can be used for storage, retail displays, crafts, and more. A poly bag offers a much more durable alternative to cellophane. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use a clear poly bag:

  • Product storage: Choosing the best packaging when placing items in storage is essential. Choosing a flimsy container or bag means risking damage from moisture or even insects or pests. Opting for a clear poly bag to seal items away from the elements and creepy-crawlies means no surprises down the road.
  • Gift bags: Adding tissue paper or other gift bag filler to a clear poly bag offers companies a great way to present gifts or other special items to customers, donors, or even staff.
  • Safety requirements: If you've ever been a supplier for items sold on Amazon or other retail websites, you may be familiar with the suffocation label requirements for packaging. Amazon's policy includes when a poly bag is used as a packaging filler as well as to store items. According to Amazon's seller site, a poly bag "with a 5-inch opening or larger (measured when flat) must have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag or attached as a label."


Whether you're storing items for retail, packaging merchandise for wholesale shipping, or looking to make gift bags for a birthday party, a clear poly bag is a great option. Shop4Mailers has a great selection of clear poly bags in a variety of sizes and styles, as well as decorative mailers, address labels, and more. Click here to visit our website and find everything you need for mail supplies.


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