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When to Use a Clear Poly Bag

Using Clear Poly Bags for Your Shipping Needs


Are your shipping supplies falling short? Making sure your items ship safely to customers is a top priority for any ecommerce business. While mailers provide a barrier of protection between items, there are extra and sometimes necessary steps that you can take to further protect your items during shipping.


In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about clear poly bags, what you should look for when shopping for them, and how to use them for your shipping needs, such as for clear clothing bags.


To protect your business and your customers, let's learn how to protect your products with clear poly bags.


What Are Clear Poly Bags?

Clear poly bags are durable plastic bags for use on the inside lining of a poly mailer. Usually used as clear clothing bags, these clear bags have various other uses to dive into more later on. These poly bags protect any items from moisture, dust, debris, or other elements that could potentially invade your mailer during transit to the customer.


What to Look For in a Quality Clear Poly Bag

If you are looking for a way to keep the items from your ecommerce business safe during shipping, consider adding a clear poly bag to your shipping supplies. Before you purchase any clear bags, consider these important factors:


  • Durability
  • Size
  • Closure


There are so many unknowns when sending a package off to your carrier for shipment. Before you pack up your final product, adding a layer of durability in the form of clear poly bags can help protect your items and ensure they arrive at their final destination in one intact piece.

Ensure your poly mailers and clear bags are made from materials that resist tears, rips, and punctures like our clear poly bags made from durable yet flexible plastic.

When it comes to finding the right size poly mailer and clear poly bags, you’ll want to be sure your item fits snug with little room to move about. Our clear bags come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 6 by 9 inches to 19 by 24 inches.

If your item is smaller than the clear poly bags,  you can use filler like packaging bubbles, gift wrap, marketing materials, or personalized notes to fill the space. These same considerations should be taken when shopping for a poly mailer - learn more about picking the right mailer.

Shop4Mailers collection of clear poly bags come with a self-seal, hassle-free closure. The self-seal adhesive aims to keep the bags closed and secure during every stage of transit.

How to Package Clothing in Clear Poly Bags

You can adopt some methodologies to provide your customers with optimal protection for the clothing they order. So, with that being said, let’s dive into everything you need to know about packaging clothing in clear poly bags.


Follow these steps to simplify your clothing packaging process:


  1. Fold clothing as flat and neat as possible.
  2. Slide item inside of clear clothing bag
  3. Inspect the item for any wrinkles, lint, or debris and correct as needed
  4. Seamlessly seal clear clothing bag
  5. Inspect seal and smooth out any gaps or wrinkles


If you’re packaging with a clear clothing bag, consider purchasing folding boards for consistency across different sized items that fit the correct sized clear clothing bags. The less wiggle room in the clear poly bag, the less likely the clothing will arrive at the customer bunched up and wrinkled.


Once you have clear clothing bags, you’ll want to be sure you're using the best mailer for clothing products as well. Check out how you can choose the best poly mailers for your clothing business.


Whether you're packing clothing, jewelry, or other items, consider adding a dedicated shipping station to optimize your packaging process.


Clear Poly Bags for Product Storage

Besides adding a layer of protection, there may be other factors for selecting clear poly bags when shipping, such as product storage. If you are storing your products in your home office or a warehouse, you want to keep them clean and protected.


Clear poly bags are excellent for product storage, especially when you keep a large stock supply or in less than optimal storage conditions like a garage or high traffic area. When packaging up these products for shipping, your products will already be prepped to go from shelf to poly mailer.


No matter your storage conditions, adding clear clothing bags or clear bags for your specific pieces will prolong the quality and longevity of these items.


Clear Poly Bags with Suffocation Labels

Meeting safety requirements is a top priority for sellers and online retailers. Amazon has policies that require sellers to have a printed or attached suffocation label when using clear poly bags as well as other safety requirements. These clear bags are safety compliant and arrive with a pre-printed suffocation label in three different languages.


If you are utilizing an online platform, be sure to research their safety requirements for packaging to see if clear poly bags, suffocation labels, and warning labels are mandatory.


Why Clear Poly Bags Alternatives Don’t Always Work

One of the most common alternatives to a clear poly bag is cellophane. While cellophane can be a viable option for certain packaging options, such as gift wrap, the loose plastic does not often lend itself to easy shipping, which is necessary for any ecommerce business. These are a few downsides to cellophane for shipping to consider.


Clear poly bags have a built-in closure which cellophane plastic does not have. Cellophane often may come in a roll, which will need to be cut for each use, while clear poly bags can be individually stored flat for easy reachability and use. Overall, a clear poly bag offers a much more durable alternative to cellophane.


Ecommerce Shipping Supply Staples

Shop4Mailers has a great selection of clear poly bags in various sizes, thicknesses, and the option for printed warning labels. Take advantage of our wholesale supply and ensure that your ecommerce business is ready for a boom in orders at any time.


Whether it’s the need for clear clothing bags, shipping tips, or how-to's on the packaging, you can count on the experts at Shop4Mailers for all of your business needs.

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