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The Amazon FBA Service and Poly Mailers

The Amazon FBA Service and Poly Mailers

If you are starting a business or your business is growing, you may be looking into the Fulfillment by Amazon service provided by Amazon. It is an excellent option for business owners looking to ship products quickly and efficiently to their customers. However, there are precise regulations that must be upheld when using Amazon’s fulfillment service. We will go over everything you need to know!

What are Poly Mailers?

A poly mailer is a lightweight envelope made of plastic. This moisture-resistant and durable mailer may look thin, but it offers a layer of protection that will ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition on your customer’s doorstep.

What is Amazon FBA? 

FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon means you store your products in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and then Amazon picks, packs, and ships your product to customers while offering customer service on those same products. Amazon created this shipping and storage service to help business owners sell their products. Amazon mailers are crucial to the success of the FBA service.

Why are Poly Mailers Important for Amazon FBA Sellers?

Amazon requires poly mailer bags for specific product types. This protects your products while they are in the care of Amazon at their fulfillment center. In addition, poly bags can prevent leaks and spills from damaging other items within a shipment, product items from dirt and dust, and prevent loose items from being separated, which is why poly mailers are important for Amazon FBA sellers. These poly mailer bags are the popular choice for a reason. 

What are the Regulations for Amazon Poly Mailers?

Amazon has precise regulations for poly mailer bags. When these regulations aren’t met, Amazon will charge a fee since they will have to re-bag your items. The regulations are precise and must be followed for success. Failure to follow these regulations can result in refusal from Amazon’s fulfillment center regarding inventory.

Amazon Poly Mailer Regulations

-Warning Label

-Font Size





Poly Mailer Warning Label Regulations

Poly Mailer Warning Label Regulations

Any poly bag with a 5” opening or larger when measured flat must have a suffocation warning. This can be attached as a label on the Amazon mailer or printed directly on the bag. The warning should be printed or placed in a prominent location and with legible font size. 

Proper Font Size for Amazon Mailers

The font size on the warning label needs to be a specific size based on the size of the amazon mailer. The total length and width of the bag are considered when choosing the proper font size. Poly mailers less than twenty-nine inches require a ten-point font size. Thirty- to thirty-nine-inch poly mailers require a fourteen-point font size. Forty- to fifty-nine-inch poly mailers require an eighteen-point font size. Any poly mailer bag sixty inches or more requires a twenty-four-point font.

Amazon Poly Mailer Thickness

If you are shipping a product through the Amazon fulfillment center, the thickness of your amazon mailer is another regulation that you must abided by. The amazon mailer must be at least 1.5 mm in thickness while being completely transparent. 

Barcode Requirement for Amazon Mailers 

A barcode is required for all amazon mailers. This barcode should have a UPC (universal product code) or EAN (European Article Number) printed on the amazon mailer. If the barcode is scannable through the bag, it can be placed inside. Otherwise, place the label on the outside of the amazon mailer.

Seal your Amazon Mailer!

The bag needs to be sealed entirely before it can be shipped anywhere. This is a crucial step. A Shop4Mailers poly mailer is an excellent choice. It has self-adhesive tape on the bag, making it easy to seal without extra materials. It has two options: resealable and permanent. If you are shipping to Amazon to ship to your future customers, the permanent option is the best choice. 

Check the Size of your Poly Mailer

It is essential to know what you are shipping before purchasing your poly bag. The size of your poly mailer cannot protrude more than three inches past the overall dimensions of the product you are shipping. 

If you are thinking to yourself that this is a lot of requirements, it is. But it saves you any potential liability and protects you as an Amazon seller. Amazon will charge a fee if the Amazon mailer regulations are not followed. 

Shop4Mailers Poly Bags

Shop4Mailers is known for its knowledge of what makes for a successful shipping experience. Shop4Mailers makes sure that all their shipping materials are durable, attractive, and affordable to anyone who needs them. Shop4Mailers poly mailers have numerous options to choose from, including many Amazon FBA-friendly options.

Shop4Mailers Poly Mailers Option for Amazon FBA

-Clear Cellophane Bag

-Resealable Suffocation Warning Clear Bag

-Permanent Suffocation Warning Clear Bag


The Clear Poly Bag


Transparent poly mailers are generally used for packaging something and putting it in another box or container. These are also the best option for Amazon’s FBA service as transparency of the poly mailer is an Amazon regulation. Make sure to add a warning label on these bags before sending your products to Amazon.


The Resealable Clear Bag


The resealable clear poly bag is one of the best options for Amazon’s FBA service as transparency of the poly mailer is an Amazon regulation. It also comes with the suffocation warning needing to be printed on the bag already. In addition, this bag is resealable, so the self-seal adhesive is not a permanent seal.


The Permanent Clear Bag


The permanent clear poly mailer is one of the best options for Amazon’s FBA service. If you are not looking to reuse the poly bag, this permanent seal is a great choice. These bags also come with the suffocation warning needed to be printed on the bag already, making this poly bag meet all the requirements for the Amazon FBA service.

Are you now feeling ready to start your shipping business using Amazon’s FBA service? While there is a lot of information to follow and steps to take to ensure a smooth process, you will be a selling pro once you get the hang of it! Always follow the Amazon mailer regulations above to continue to be successful as a seller with Amazon!

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