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Should Your Ecommerce Businesses Offer Free Shipping?

Should Your Ecommerce Businesses Offer Free Shipping?

Online businesses are evolving, along with consumer behaviors. Modern-day consumers are shopping online more, and are actively seeking and expecting free shipping with their purchases.

Whether you’re a small ecommerce business owner or a large-scale retailer, consider the benefits of offering free shipping to your customers. This shopping incentive drives online business sales by increasing the likelihood of purchase compared to other online retailers that do not offer free shipping.

Lowering your bottom dollar by purchasing wholesale poly mailers and other shipping supplies can help you achieve lower or free shipping costs. Customers are actively seeking free shipping for their online purchases - it could be the deciding factor before completing their purchase.


The Evolution of Ecommerce

The days of trudging the whole family to the mall on a Saturday morning are becoming scarcer. Individuals are shopping from their homes with the rise of ecommerce businesses, posing a threat to traditional brick and mortar retailers. The shopping experience has evolved along with the customer. Today’s customers seek convenience, speed of delivery, and low/free shipping costs.

The ecommerce business model was virtually non-existent before the 1990s, but has since transformed the retail space and customer behaviors. It’s easy and convenient for customers to shop online - all of their favorite retailers are now accessible at their fingertips.

There’s even been an evolution to shipping - big cardboard boxes have their use, but when it comes to most items, your business can benefit from lightweight poly mailers. Our poly bags are more affordable and easier to store, pack, seal, and send off for shipping.

Don’t be left behind and join the evolution of ecommerce - consider how adding free shipping to your business will benefit your consumers and your business. Don’t forget to check out how poly bags can change the way your business handles shipping.


What’s the Fuss About Free Shipping?

Companies can attract more customers by marketing free shipping incentives for their ecommerce business. Here are a few statistics on why you should consider adding a free shipping offer to your online store:

  • Nine out of ten customers are more likely to complete an online purchase when offered free shipping
  • Over 50% of orders from 30 of the largest e-commerce merchants were shipped free of charge
  • Customers found free shipping twice as compelling as “percent off” offerings from online businesses

The online customer can reconsider their entire purchase based on shipping costs. High delivery costs can be the reason your customers never make it to the checkout page.

With so many benefits to the customer, free shipping can help you increase and retain customers. Wholesale shipping products, such as poly mailers, can free up room in your business budget to consider lowering your shipping costs or offering free shipping costs. 


Low-Cost Poly Mailers

No matter what type of products you’re shipping, we have the right poly mailer for your ecommerce business. Wholesale poly bags are a cost-efficient option for e-commerce shipping because they are lightweight, high quality, and customizable to your company’s logos and colors.

Are you interested in learning more about poly mailers? Purchasing wholesale shipping supplies can help with your business’ bottom dollar. Keeping your business costs low can allow you to offer more moderate or even free shipping costs to your consumers.

Whether or not you offer free shipping, our poly bags are a great low-cost option to deliver your products to your customer's doorstep. Buying in bulk is the right move for any business as you are effectively lowering your per-unit cost. 


Poly Bags for Your Business Needs

Poly mailers are an excellent staple to add to your shipping station. The plastic material is both durable and flexible and will protect against any rips, pokes, and tears that might occur during transport. With sizes from 6x9 to 19x24 inches, your business can effectively ship multiple sized packages. We have a variety of poly mailer colors and designs:

Utilizing wholesale poly mailers for your business will help you keep up with demand while keeping costs low. We know what shipping products are essential for your online business. Let Shop4Mailers lend a hand and help you with poly bags, shipping labels, and more.


Free Shipping Tips for Your Business

Let's talk about shopping incentives for free shipping. It would be best if you first determined how much product you need to sell to be able to provide free shipping, so your business is still profitable with this incentive.

Free shipping is not an easy feat to accomplish, but we’re here to help and offer you some tips on how you can implement this incentive with your online business. You don’t have to provide a blanket free shipping incentive for all of your product offerings. You can set a minimum purchase qualifier or offer free shipping through membership and loyalty programs.

Here are some ways you can cover the costs of free shipping:

  • Increase per item cost
  • Reduce profit margins
  • Offer free shipping promotions or coupon codes

Offering free returns on purchases also helps to put the customer at ease. This incentive can increase the likelihood of customer purchases.

A customer does not pay any shipping, handling, or return fees when shopping at traditional brick and mortar retailers. Eliminating shipping fees will make the shopping experience more comparable to in-person shopping.


The Shipping Experts

At Shop4Mailers, we are committed to providing you with products that add ease to your shipping experience. Whether it’s poly mailers, clear poly bags, or shipping labels, we’re here to help you make the most of your shipping supplies by offering high-quality products at cost.

As the worlds of physical and digital shopping merge, we want your business to be successful. There are many incentives you can offer to shoppers to make their online experience more enjoyable - and that can start with low-cost delivery or free shipping offers.

We know there are many expenses involved in running a business. We want to help you save by providing your essential shipping goods at a low, wholesale cost so you can focus on keeping customers satisfied.

Want to see how else you can save with wholesale shipping supplies? Lean on the shipping experts at Shop4Mailers and check us out online.

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