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Four Considerations for Purchasing Poly Shipping Bags

Four Considerations for Purchasing Poly Shipping Bags


There is so much at stake with e-commerce, especially regarding the presentation and quality of products arriving at your customers' doors. Buying poly bags for your business is not just another expense, it's an investment.


You can't physically be with your package every step of the way through transit, but you can make sure it's as secure as possible before sending it off to shipping. With exceptional shipping bag quality and the know-how to package properly, you can give yourself and your customers peace of mind that their orders will arrive safely.


Finding quality shipping bag supplies can seem hard, especially when there are many items on the market. In this guide, we will walk you through all the poly shipping bag considerations you should consider before stocking up on your shipping supplies.


Poly Shipping Bag Features

Poly mailers are not all created equally. There are many things to consider, such as material, quantity, and price point. Before you purchase any poly bag at an appealing price point, consider these four factors:


  • Quality of shipping bag
  • Size options
  • Shipping bag strength
  • Easy-to-use
  • Sustainability and reusability


With the right understanding of what to look for in a poly bag, you will be able to make the best decisions for yourself, your business, and your customers. Let us learn all about how to determine the quality of your shipping bags.


The Importance of Poly Shipping Bag Quality

Finding a poly mailer you trust to keep your products safe and secure can be hard. When shopping for poly shipping bags, look at it as an extension of the products you sell. You would not buy a cheap item with poor quality, so why skimp on shipping materials? A business of quality should use shipping bags of quality too.


You never know what kind of wandering eyes a package may encounter, even after it’s delivered. Our shipping bag quality ensures each packaged item remains anonymous while packaged. Our opaque inner liner is standard on all of our poly mailers, including the white poly mailers, and will give any business owner peace of mind and a sense of security when packaging. Our strong shipping bags are made from a plastic material that is durable while remaining lightweight.


Whatever your shipping needs may be, one thing is for certain: you'll never regret going with a reliable shipping product, like our high-quality shipping mailer bags.


Finding the Right Sized Poly Shipping Bags

One of the many benefits of utilizing a poly mailer bag for your logistical needs is its versatility in sizing. Poly mailers can securely house and ship clothing, jewelry, shoes, and so many other items. Our poly shipping bags come in a variety of sizes for whatever your needs may be.


Here are some of our commonly purchased poly shipping bag sizes:


  • 9 x 12 inches
  • 10 x 13 inches
  • 12 x 15.5 inches
  • 5 x 19 inches
  • 19 x 24 inches


Poly mailers can fit so many items - from clothing to jewelry, shoes, and more. Regardless of your product sizes, we've outlined some tips to help you find the best-fitting poly mailer. To ensure that your item is packaged securely in the right size mailer, always make sure to measure your item's size, accounting for any additional contents such as gift wrapping or marketing materials.

Our poly shipping bag allows you to individually package your items without adding bulk or weight to your final package. Choosing the right poly shipping bag size will give your items little wiggle room to move about in transit, keeping them safe and secure until they arrive at their final destination: the customer's doorstep.


Why Shipping Bag Strength Matters

When a package leaves your hands, there are so many obstacles that it can and will encounter. From rustling around with other packages, big and small, to taking a tumble in the carriers sorting process, you want to make sure your package is protected.


Using strong shipping bag mailers for your items will allow your product to withstand the bumpy ride that is inevitable during transit. Our shipping bag strength can resist tears, holes, punctures, and more. So you can rest easy knowing that your business's priority of shipping bag strength will pay off when customers receive their packages undamaged.


Once you know your shipping supply provider carries strong shipping bags, you can make fun decisions like deciding which exterior color to choose for your poly mailer bags. Whatever your needs are, Shop4Mailers can help you pick the right mailer


Sustainability and Reusability of Poly Mailer Bags

The lightweight packaging and wholesale availability make poly mailer bags an economical purchasing decision. These mailers are an eco-friendly, sustainable shipping supply option as the poly bags can be reused due to their second adhesive strip. Even without the additional built-in adhesive option, the poly mailer can be resealed with traditional packaging tape.


While you may not think that a poly mailer made of plastic material could be recycled, there are ways to prevent these shipping products from staying out of the trash bin and out of landfills. You can include information with the package that shows the end-user options to recycle their poly mailer bag if they have no plans to reuse it. One option is to check in with a local grocery store on their recycling bag program. Some recycling programs are even specific for poly mailers.


You can also locate a drop-off location that accepts these recycling materials. All it takes is a commitment to sustainability and research to make the most out of your shipping bags. Learn more about creative ways to reuse shipping supplies.


Ease-of-Use: Packaging and Opening

Poly shipping bags should be easy to use, both when packaging and preparing items for shipment and when the customer is ready and excited to open their newly arrived items. The self-sealing technology on our poly mailers mitigates the need for additional shipping materials, such as packing tape, and can help streamline your shipping process.


You can take your item from storage to packed and shipped with easy-to-use poly mailers in a few short steps. Upon receipt of the package, customers do not have to fret with scissors, box cutters, or other sharp objects to retrieve their items. Poly shipping bags have excellent ease-of-use on both sides of the spectrum.


Wholesale Shipping Supplies You Can Count On

High-quality shipping bags are attainable without breaking the bank. With bulk supplies and wholesale price points, you can minimize your bottom line and save your e-commerce money without sacrificing your shipping stock's integrity. Check out more poly shipping bags and other shipping supplies at our one-stop supply shop like these:



For all of your packaging supplies, you can count on Shop4Mailers for shipping bag quality and shipping bag strength you can trust.
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