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All About Holiday Shipping Incentives

All About Holiday Shipping Incentives

The days of holiday shopping in busy malls with long lines, crowds, and never enough parking spots are behind us with the evolution and increasing popularity of ecommerce businesses. Shopping from home has become convenient and hassle-free, so why not spend more time with loved ones and less time shopping, especially around the holidays?

Customers seek convenience, speed of delivery, and low/free holiday shipping costs for better online shopping experiences, especially when considering that traditional stores do not have shipping fees. With the holidays fast approaching, see how you can offer different promotions and prepare for the holiday rush to satisfy your customers better. 


Holiday Promotions

An excellent way to entice online shoppers is by offering special holiday promotions. With so many online stores, you want to appeal to customers with different types of discounts to increase traffic and have a greater likelihood that customers will purchase from your ecommerce business. There are several easy ways to incentivize your customers this holiday season:

  • Promotion codes
  • Free or reduced-cost shipping
  • Additional points through membership and loyalty programs
  • Free returns if this not a current offering

Promotion codes are a great way to feel like you're clipping coupons while shopping online. With these codes, you can customize discounts by offering different percentages off for specific product categories. You don’t have to provide a blanket free holiday shipping incentive for all of your product offerings. Instead, you can set a minimum purchase qualifier. If your ecommerce business uses a membership program or loyalty rewards system, consider offering additional points made for purchases for holiday shopping to incentivize customers. Offering free returns as a holiday promotion can help put customers at ease, especially when they are purchasing gifts.


Balancing Shipping Incentives

The discounts customers receive on holiday promotions will need to be carefully considered. There are a few ways you can cover the costs of holiday promotion incentives: increase the cost per item or reduce profit margins. As a business owner, being conscious of the bottom dollar is always top-of-mind. Offering holiday shipping promotions does not mean that your business has to eat these costs. With the right balance of discounts and pricing, your business can be profitable and successful. Check out more tips on how to reduce shipping costs for your business. 


Wholesale Shipping Supplies

The best way to get ahead of the holiday shipping rush is to have a well-stocked supply of all the essential shipping materials. Our wholesale shipping products will help you keep up with demand while keeping costs low. We know which shipping products are essential for your online business - check out these must-haves for the holiday shipping season and beyond:


These high-quality shipping materials, specifically our poly mailer bags, can be used for many different types of ecommerce businesses. Whether you specialize in clothes, jewelry, or artwork, we carry the products that add ease to order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. Let us help you find the right mailer so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 


The Shipping Experts

At Shop4Mailers, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of various topics regarding the needs of any ecommerce business. Whether you’re looking to streamline holiday shipping or bulk up your packaging supplies, we can help point you in the right direction.

Check out more ways to improve your shipping by visiting us online.

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